What Does Memorial Day Mean? 6 Apps To Remind Us Why This U.S. Holiday Is So Important!

What Does Memorial Day Mean? 5 Apps To Remember Those Who Served

What Does Memorial Day Mean?

What does Memorial Day mean to you? Does it mean the beginning of summer? A day off from work? Or a day to have a barbecue? What Memorial Day really is, is a federal holiday in the United States to remember the men and women who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Not only is it a day to remember and honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country, it’s also a day for the families who have lost loved ones while serving this country.

And whether you agree or not with the politics behind any war, I think we can all agree that dying for the freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution is a noble cause. Below we have provided 6 iOS and Android OS apps to help remind us all why We should remember what Memorial Day really means.

Although law enforcement officers are not nationally recognized on Memorial Day, we chose to do so because law enforcement officers serve and protect our freedoms here at home every day. Some of these men and women give their lives in the line of duty to do so, so we honor them as well.

Memorial Day may be a great day for barbecues, going to the beach or spending time with the family, but always remember that every Memorial Day that you are free to enjoy these activities is because there are men and women of the armed forces and law enforcement departments who are working around the clock to guarantee that you can. So take a few minutes to remember the unsung patriots that make our many freedoms possible.

Happy Memorial Day from CrazyMikesapps.com.

1.) Vietnam Wall and War Explorer by Kailash Systems, iOS iPhone, Education, $0.00, – This Memorial Day app provides a multi-media exploration of the Vietnam Memorial Wall and Vietnam War.

You can explore music from this time period as well as Vietnam footage from the app while searching the 58,000 records for names of those who died in Vietnam.

2.) National WWII Museum Guide by XCO Software LLC, iOS iPhone & Android OS, Education, $0.00 – This Memorial Day App is the official visitor’s guide to The National WWII Museum in New Orleans, LA.

The National WWII Museum app guides you through the multi-campus war memorial museum using: GPS maps of Museum buildings and galleries, Access to related oral history and video content, Full descriptions and images of over 75 exhibits and select artifacts, Helpful information to plan your visit to The National WWII Museum, Fun WWII-themed activities including photo puzzles and the opportunity to put yourself into a propaganda poster, and Listings of events and activities at the Museum.

3.) ANC Explorer by Arlington National Cemetery, iOS Universal & Android OS, Travel, $0.00 – This is the official app for finding your way around Arlington National Cemetery. Recently updated just in time for this national cemetery’s 150th anniversary.

Having visited Arlington Cemetery with my family a few years ago, I would suggest that all U.S. citizens visit this cemetery at least once in their lifetime. The massive views of the meticulously placed white crosses flowing over the hillside of Northern Virginia are sure to leave an impression on you, and hopefully remind you that your freedom comes at a cost.

ANC Explorer Features

– Users can locate grave sites and other points of interest throughout the cemetery
– Generate front-and-back pictures of a marker or monument
– Receive step-by-step directions to these locations.
– Emergency and event notifications,
– Self-guided tours, and the
– Ability to share on popular social media sites.
– Users can save favorite places in the new My Content feature to create their own custom walking tours

iPhone App for Teachers, Groovy Grader
4.) Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP)by Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP), iOS iPhone & Android OS, Reference, $0.00 – While law enforcement officers are not technically included in the Memorial Day holiday, they are included on our list of apps for good reason. Being a retired police officer, I can tell you that U.S. Police Officers protect our freedoms each and every day, and as part of the job many great officers across our nation have given their lives serving in this noble line of work.

This Memorial Day app commemorates the 21,000 plus officers who have died in the line of duty and provides notifications when a law enforcement officer dies in the line of duty. This is another app that subtly reminds us that our freedoms as U.S. citizens come at the price of brave men and women who choose to give their lives to protect our freedoms.

5.) Vietnam Memorial by PMTools.co, iOS Universal, Travel, $0.00 – This mobile app provides a virtual image of the Vietnam War Memorial Wall allowing you to explore all of the names of those who gave it all for our freedom. Easily find any of the 58,231+ names included in the Vietnam War Memorial Wall by sliding your finger along the wall graphics and pinching and pulling to zoom in and out. You can also find names using the Search functionality.

This memorial app is easy to use and gives you a real idea of just how many people actually died in the Vietnam War as you scroll by thousands of listed names.

6.) Half Staff App by The Jed Mahonis Group, iOS iPhone, Utilities, $0.99 – Flying the U.S. Flag at half staff is a symbol of paying tribute and respect to those who have died while serving this country.

This app tracks when the President issues a half staff proclamation, as well as on pre-determined days such as Patriot Day, Memorial Day, Peace Officers Memorial Day and Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.



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