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Memorize-iDi – Method for Remembering Numbers and Dates!

Memorize iDi (by IDi Creative) is an iPhone Education app that uses a mnemonic calculator to make remembering numbers and dates a snap through a method of associating any number with a memorable image(s). If you have ever wanted to be able to remember numbers like “Rain Man” — then this is the app for you. Memorize iDi uses an age old method of remembering numbers by using a simple 2 letter code for the numbers (0-9). The numbers are then referenced to word images, and it is through these word images that you are able to remember things like pin numbers, bank accounts, locker combinations, important dates, and other critical numbers.

This app uses a learning method that dates back to 1644 and is credited to a French mathematician and astronomer named Pierre Hérigone. Fortunately, you don’t have to be as smart as Pierre Hérigone to use this app — phew! The app is pretty simple, just learn the 2 letter code for each number given (0-9), then you will have to pass 2 beginner and 2 intermediate tests (as well as review all 6 Memorize iDi examples) to unlock the coveted Mnemonic Calculator. Once you unlock the calculator, you can enter in any number and quickly get images to represent that number and help you easily recall that number utilizing this learning method.

iPhone Education Video App ReviewiPhone Education Video App Review

I found this app to be a very cool learning experience. Some may wonder why the Mnemonic Calculator does not come unlocked in this app to start — but it is for a very good reason. If you have access to the Mnemonic Calculator without learning the code it will not benefit you, thus causing you severe frustration. The technique is super easy to learn as well as fast, and the tests bring you up to speed perfectly — not too slow, nor to fast, nor too difficult. I found myself quickly remembering numbers and really getting into the app, which made my learning experience very enjoyable. This application is a great method for remembering a lot of numbers and may make you look like the smartest person in the room. There is also an iPad version, and be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for Memorize iDi for a complete walkthrough of this Education application.

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Memorize-iDi – iPhone App Details

Title: Memorize – iDi–
Price: $2.99
Size: 26.8 MB
Category: Education
Developer: IDi Creative
Store: iTunes App Store

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Memorize-iDi - IDi Creative

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Memorize-iDi– Developer’s App Description

iOS iPhone

Become a genius *** memorization ***
Introductory price: 2.39 € *** Languages: English, Spanish, French ***
The Memorize IDi is an application-based technology development that may have system was the most effective numerical memorization of all time.
Created in 1644 by the French mathematician and astronomer Pierre Herigon, the method that bears his name remains today one of the most used by great wonders of the memory to compete in world championships.
However, possibly due to the complexity of its development, the method has not reached Herigon disclosure that ought to achieve after nearly four centuries of history. The Memorize-IDi or mnemonic Calculator, created by the Creative IDi Spanish company, can process automatically any number in simple images, multiplying the effectiveness of the old method Herigón. This application allows any user to turn a marvel of digital memory in minimal time learning. Who needs to Memorize -IDi? Students of all levels. Opponents Citizens of all ages. In the society we live in the figures it is necessary to memorize have multiplied exponentially. Besides all the traditional ones: dates, dimensions, items numbers, etc … and today we have PIN codes, passwords for our banking, email accounts, codes on the websites …. A large number of numerical data for security is essential to memorize. Become a genius of memorization

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