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Mighty Mouse My Hero – Here He Comes To Save The Day?

The old-time cartoon super hero Mighty Mouse has made his way onto the iPhone “saving the day” through 3 worlds and 60 levels of villian butt-kicking gameplay, in Mighty Mouse My Hero (by CBS Interactive). This cartoon character has been around since 1942 with generations of kids growing up to the famous tag line “Here he comes to save the day.” This superhero mouse has been seen in the comics (newspaper), cartoon episodes on the television, movies, etc. Now, this legendary mouse has made it onto the iPhone by way of his own app — kicking butt and taking names. While the plot is the same in this app as all the Mighty Mouse stories, which is Mighty Mouse fighting off bad guys while trying to rescue Pearl Pureheart, his girl.

The game is pretty good, but has some funky gameplay. For example, the object is to fly Mighty Mouse through a level without hitting an enemy or an enemy object, doing so will require you to play the level over. You fly Mighty Mouse by holding down on the screen, and when you let go of the screen he begins to drop to the ground. The movement for the flying is almost there, but it seems a bit tight in comparison to the screen size, and at times makes the game harder than it should be when flying into or past enemies. The action button also does not do it for me. When used correctly, meaning you tap on the action button and Mighty Mouse hits an enemy, the action button is ready to be used immediately. However, if Mighty Mouse misses an enemy (you miss an enemy), then there is a delay in use of the action button, which makes the game more difficult – I’m thinking this is not necessary and makes the game harder, a little too soon in the gameplay. Now, I am not crying here, just found it to be a little strange and it took some getting use to, most likely this is just the way the developers designed the game engine.

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Your main objective is trying to reach Polly and on the way you will want to collect as much cheese as you can, beat up enemies, collect power ups and pearls, all of which either help in Mighty Mouse’s overall objective or provide bonus gameplay (pearls). There is a store to spend your hard-earned cheese where you can buy power-ups, new outfits for the supermouse, etc. Might Mouse My Hero is a decent to fun casual game, but it left me wanting a bit more. Merely flying and punching, or trying to punch bad guys fell a bit flat with me. I want to pick up cars, hair-grab a bad guy and fling him into the sky, and so on — guess I want too much, well, not in my opinion. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Mighty Mouse My Hero iPhone App Details

Title: Mighty Mouse My Hero
Price: $0.99
Size: 79.7 MB
Category: Games
Developer: CBS Interactive
Store: iTunes App Store

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MIGHTY MOUSE My Hero - CBS Interactive

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Mighty Mouse My Hero iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Mighty Mouse, the beloved cartoon superstar of yesteryear, flies into the 21st Century on your iPhone and iPod touch! Play as Mighty Mouse through more than sixty levels of non-stop action, as he punches out a host of villains in an exciting fight to save Pearl Pureheart, his true love. Nothing makes a mouse happier than good cheese – collect it as rewards for accomplishments or purchase a wedge to gain power-ups and new costumes. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary, colorful cartoon world. With dynamic flight mechanics and a motley assortment of bad guys, you’ll be challenged and thrilled by MIGHTY MOUSE My Hero.


– Over 60 levels!
– Earn cheese to get new costumes and incredible power-ups
– Fly through 3 worlds as you punch out bad guys to save the girl
– Catch and defeat Mighty Mouse’s adversaries, including Oil Can Harry!

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