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Awesome Military App Keeps Time & Wakes You With Songs

The Military Clock & Time + Weather app is an awesomely motivating and energizing military app packed with all kinds of great features that pay tribute to the men and women of the United States Military. Not only do you get the practical alarm clock and weather app features, but this military alarm clock app comes with a photo slideshow featuring 690+ military-themed photos and 80+ military cadence songs to bring out the Patriot in you.

military app military clock time and weather for iPhone


The Military Clock & Time + Weather app is an iPhone Productivity app that combines practical functionality with military images and sounds that make you want to either stand up and salute or fall into your military rank. Although this iPhone app’s main purpose is to work as a clock, alarm clock and weather app, it’s the military-themed background images and military cadence songs (Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy) that make this iPhone military app stand out.

This iPhone application has a great user interface that works like a well oiled machine and offers plenty of customization. You can personalize the time and weather information to reflect your current location (specific city, state and country) and easily switch this military app to read in celsius or fahrenheit. Time can be displayed as military time (24hr clock) or familiar civilian time for the rest of us (12hr clock). The time displays in large numbers on the screen that cover most of the photo images, but you can remove it with a quick tap of a button. Setting the alarm time is as easy as spinning a dial. But the best part of this military alarm clock app is choosing 1 of the 86 military themed songs and sounds as your alarm.

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Military Clock & Time + Weather app has 690+ awe-inspiring photos featuring our Armed Forces at work and in action on land, water and air. These military themed photos work as a slideshow in the background behind the weather, date, time and clock. But if you prefer, you have the option to use your own photos from your iPhone’s photo album instead.

When you first open this app up you might be surprised to hear the sounds of a military cadence playing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with military cadence, it’s the traditional and rhythmic call-out-and-response work songs sung by military personnel when running, marching and training.

Personally, I love the military cadences and thought this was a brilliant feature in this military app. The military cadence continually plays and rotates to different songs when the app is open, but if you need a break from the drills, just tap a button to turn them off.

The only slightly wonky thing about this military alarm clock app is the abrupt switching between military cadence songs. Other than that, it’s a great app to keep track of time, know the weather, wake up to motivating military songs and remind you of the men and women who keep our country safe.

*11/12/13 – The Military Clock & Time + Weather app (by SixAxis) usually sells for $1.99, but this iPhone app is a free app for a very short time. So grab it while you can! There is also an iPad version that is also free for a limited time.

If you like the Military Clock & Time + Weather app be sure to download this app now using the link below before it goes back paid!

Download The Military App Military Clock & Time + Weather HD Now

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*Disclaimer – Since most app price drops are temporary, we cannot guarantee how long this app will be free.

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  1. This is a great app that is free for a very limited time. So if you know anyone in the military, family or friends that will enjoy it, let them know and everybody can save $1.99. Also free for the iPad. But need to act fast before it goes back to paid.