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Military App – iOS App Pays Homage to Those Who Serve

Military Ranks is an iOS Universal military app that pays homage to the people who have dedicated their careers and lives to serving this country. The men and women who honorably serve the United States of America through military service deserve respect. And as Americans, we have U.S. soldiers to thank for all the comfy freedoms we enjoy today. And what better way to show them respect than to take the time to acknowledge and learn the importance of the different military branches, offices and rank insignia?

Military App


This iOS Universal Reference/Military app includes the U.S. military branches of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard. Discover the different ranks for each military branch and learn their rank insignia importance. Discover what each of the different insignias/pins/badges/emblems look like for Enlisted, Warrant Officers, Officers, Generals and Admirals.

This military app gives you an opportunity to test your U.S. military branch rank knowledge by looking at insignias by image only. When you tap on any of the individual pin/badge/emblem/insignia images, you’ll find out the officer rank, how he or she is addressed and his or her job responsibility, as well as official rank abbreviation, pay grade and NATO code.

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Also within this military app is a “Links” category for every military branch. These different links take you to the specific official U.S. military branch website, as well as to support websites for projects such as the Wounded Warrior Project and Homes for Our Troops.

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Overall, I really like the concept and simplicity of the Military Ranks app, which is free and has no ads. However, I don’t like the buried links that appear in sections of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast guard categories. These links lead you abruptly out of the app and to the iTunes Store to download other applications by this developer.

However, some of you may be interested in Bizpo’s paid app ($0.99), which is similar to this one. It’s called Military Ranks + and it includes even more U.S. military ranks, international ranks, and military gear.

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