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Back in the 70’s we played a mind-tingling board game where the object of the game was to figure out the correct color combination (6 pegs) that your opponent had selected (and hid from your view). Fast forward to today, and this challenging board game has come to the iPhone by way of the new iPhone game, Power of Logic, by Flow Studio. The game plays on a board where 4 or more colored pins can be played horizontally in attempts to determine the correct color combination that is hidden from your view. You get a limited number of guesses before losing the puzzle challenge and having to start over. But don’t fear losing too quickly, because after each turn you get feedback on your colored pin choices, with a green and orange number display on the far right. The green represents the correct colored pin in the correct spot and the orange represents a correct colored pin in a wrong spot. Use your guesses wisely, as this puzzle logic game is seriously challenging and will confuse you rather quickly if you are not paying attention to your previous turns. The developer gives a huge tip in the instructions that can be found in the upper left by tapping on the question mark. The developer suggests using fewer colors in earlier turns to narrow down the colors for the puzzle. Oh yes, forgot to mention that the object in Power of Logic, while getting the correct color pin combination to solve the puzzle solution it is also to do so in the least amount of time. Once you solve the puzzle (cracking the code), the power generator activates confirming your success. This game has 2 game modes, 3 difficulty settings, and a great user interface game board — complete with cool sounds like rain and electricity, and interesting art work, too. Power of Logic is a must have app and a great casual iPhone game that will keep you occupied for a very long — it’s a puzzler’s dream come true. For more iPhone video app reviews. CM

iphone game reviewsiphone app reviews

Power of Logic iPhone App Details

Title: Power of Logic
Price: $0.99
Size: 25.1 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Flow Studio
Store: iTunes App Store

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Power of Logic - Flow Studio

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Power of Logic iPhone App Developers Description

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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
– Albert Einstein

Power of Logic is a rebirth of the classic game of logic with endless variations. Use your power of logic to break the power station secret code. Start the generator and light up the city again. Apply your brain to the challenge in the dark atmosphere at the beginning of the last century – the age of imagination and great inventions.

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