Mind Your Own Business and Do Not Touch My iPhone! (Video)

Do you suffer from prying eyes and/or fingers on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? If so, you will want to consider downloading the new entertainment iOS universal app, Do Not Touch, to trick those prying eyes and fingers from messing with your iDevice. This entertainment app provides what appears to be a Hi-Tech, Linear Safety lock screen that requires a pattern pass code to access. Intruders will need to know the pattern or will be unsuccessful in their attempt to access your iDevice when this application is running. There is also an audible alarm that when activated goes off to further alert you and stun potential iDevice intruders. During testing the audible alarm went off without warning each time activated, but the developer has been notified and is currently fixing this. Do Not Touch also has a FREE app called Do Not Touch Lite, that has all the functionality of the paid app — but with advertisements. Users can remove the ads with an in app purchase by upgrading to this version. Do Not Touch may just keep those prying eyes/fingers off your iDevice?

Do Not Touch My iPhone App Details

Title: Do Not Touch
Price: $0.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 13.7 MB
Developer: Pop-ok.com
Store: iTunes App Store

Do Not Touch My iPhone App Download Link

The Do Not Touch app by Pop-ok.com is no longer availalbe in the US iTunes App Store. However, a similar app called Do Not Touch HD can be downloaded below.

iPhone App Review Video for the Do Not Touch iPhone AppDo Not Touch My iPhone App Video Review

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