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MindFeud – Extreme Logic Online Strategy Game

MindFeud (by Monkeybin Studios) is a 1 on 1, online strategy game that will challenge both your mind and your perseverance as you play to achieve the high score before all your symbol and colored game tiles run out. Having played literally thousands of games on the iPhone, not many require as much brainpower as this game does. Maybe because this game was inspired by the MENSA award-winning board game Qwirkle.

If you’re not aware of MENSA, it is a group of people who have an IQ in the top 2% of the population (i.e. — really freaking smart people). This game while on appearance can look similar to a Scrabble copycat, this app is no Scrabble. The game is played on a board with many squares where tiles are played of either the 6 different symbols (square, circle, triangle, clover leaf, monkey face or star) or the 6 different colors (black, blue, orange, green, red, and purple). The trick is, each turn all tiles must be played in a straight line and you cannot violate that, each line on the board has to be made up of all the same colored tile or same type symbol. Additionally, each line can only contain 6 symbols or colors and no more. While scoring is fairly basic, 1 tile is 1 point, there are plenty of purple and blue bonus squares that really increase your score.

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You will have to create a free online account to play because this game is entirely an online, that is except the computer bot named ADAMA that beat me each and every time I played it (him). If you want to learn the gameplay, check out the tutorial or take on a few games with ADAMA, but be prepared to bring your best and learn quickly — otherwise, ADAMA will eat your lunch. The time to get a random online opponent is super fast, taking only a few seconds and you can search for friends through email or Facebook opponents as well. This game got me hooked, but the sad thing is I have not won a game (and have played about 10). Guess I am not getting into MENSA anytime soon. Although MindFeud is FREE, if you want to remove the persistent advertisements you’ll have to pay $2.99 through in app purchase, but if you like logic challenging, logic games or puzzles you won’t mind at all either way. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete walk through of this iPhone app. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

MindFeud iPhone App Details

Title: MindFeud
Price: Free
Category: Games
Size: 5.1 MB
Developer: Monkeybin Studios
Store: iTunes App Store

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MindFeud - Monkeybin Studios

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MindFeud iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

The battles of wits is now more social and mobile. With the ammunition being six different colors, six symbols, a board and some tiles that will make the challenge even more enticing.

★ Number #1 in Netherlands Board Games
★ Number #1 in Norway Board Games
★ Top 10 in Puzzle & Board in several countries
★ Rated 5 stars by iPhoneClub


MindFeud is a free social board game in which you will have to choose the right formations of tiles of different colors and symbols in order to gain points and beat your opponent.

Your objective in MindFeud is to lay the different types of tiles that are available to you in formations with no duplicates and a matching characteristic. For example, all blue tiles should be together, all circles need to be in the same row, no symbol or colors should be duplicate and so on. MindFeud will take your mind for a ride and in the end, only the witty person will claim victory.

As the game is heavily integrated socially, you can challenge your friends to see who is wittier. With online global leaderboards, you will find many new opponents for playing MindFeud. If no one is available and you are feeling lucky, try taking on ADAMA, the highly intelligent bot that will play automatically.

Hint: This bot, ADAMA is very smart. You need to be way smarter to beat him.

Just like a normal game of Scrabble, learning MindFeud is very simple and intuitive. Anyone can easily understand the concept of the game. MindFeud also includes very well presented tutorials within the App for further information. Instead of words, you will be presented with more advanced colors and symbols that will make your mind and entire body feel dizzy.


# A social board game, similar to WordFeud, Scrabble, Words with Friends and Qwirkle!
# English, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese and Norwegian localizations
# Inspired by the MENSA award winning board game Qwirkle!
# The in-game robot ADAMA is ready to tackle you any time
# Challenge your friends or complete strangers to see who’s smarter
# Chat in real time with the opponent using the text chat
# Push Notifications to keep you up to date on game changes, invitations and chat messages

What are you waiting for? The App is free, just get it now to challenge your friends and immerse into a whole new world where only the wittiest people survive.

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