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Mishu the Dragon – Endless Runner Game With Personality!

Personality and Fierce determination best sum up this fire-breathing dragon as he battles his enemies in this endless platform runner game: running, jumping and flying over all the strange and chaotic obstacles. What game? What Dragon? Mishu The Dragon (for iPhone) is FREE today, only through the FAAD website or app, so grab this endless runner game that features 3 different game modes (Normal, Survival and Multi-Player) today while it’s FREE. But, there are no worries if you miss out on getting this full version for free, because there is still a lite version called Mishu The Dragon Lite. A quick summary of the game: this silly, yet courageous dragon jumps and flies from platform to platform avoiding many comical and goofy enemies in his path — careful not to fall off a platform or run into the many jagged objects.

Mishu The Dragon iPhone Game App ReviewsMishu The Dragon iPhone Game App Reviews

The 3 different game modes are mostly the same and can pretty much be differentiated by the game mode name. Normal is a regular game pace, which features your dragon, Mishu running from left to right gaining a variety of fire-breathing power-ups, as well as shield and extra life power-ups. Mishu can fly, but is limited in distance by a meter in the center of the top screen, and at times you will get a power-up for this, where Mishu can fly without losing any flying energy. Mishu’s flying energy is replenished as he runs along the platforms, but this is also how he can get into trouble. Survival game mode starts out much quicker and includes all of the above gameplay and power-ups, as does multi-player mode where you can challenge a friend or a random person to see who can go the longest distance. The enemies are interesting and say amusing things, one in particular is an absurd pirate, another is, well I’m not sure what he is, but he is fat and mutters some funny word each time he appears on the screen. When you are killed, no mater how, there will be a quick-cut video scene showing your demise, which is pretty comical and a nice addition to the game providing more humor. Mishu The Dragon is a cool endless runner game with personality — so grab this while it is free today! For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Mishu The Dragon iPhone App Details

Title: Mishu The Dragon
Price: FREE today (regular price $0.99)
Category: Games
Size: 32.0 MB
Developer: Human G&A
Store: iTunes App Store

Mishu The Dragon iPhone App Download Link

Mishu The Dragon - Human G&A

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Mishu The Dragon iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
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*One of is kind endless Runner Game*
*Very well done Multiplayer mode*
*Hard for Pro’s and easy to start with for beginners*

“I have played many runner games before, but today I found one that stands out among them. It is “Mishu The Dragon” by Human G&A.”

The story:
“In a world where chaos rules a little dragon was born and now he needs to survive!
He will run, jump, fire and fly in a fantasy worlds and stand alone in front of his enemies in an endless journey of becoming a hero. ”

What will you get:
“Mishu is a special runner game couple of reasons. You will find a detailed painted HD environments to enjoy wile running, a verity of combos movies, a multiplayer mode (one of a kind in runner games), bunch of enemies to fight with, different play modes and leader-boards.”

“We were inspired from a new and old running and platform games such as the famous “Mario brothers” and the number one iPhone runner “Chop Chop Runner”. We created a running game where players can compete their heroes online in a last dragon standing running match.”

– Innovative Multiplayer mode
– HD graphics’
– Easy to play
– Fast and frantic platformer
– Colorful and fantasy design
– Many Achievements to unlock
– Many Enemies to burn
– Online leaderboards

What’s new

Minor interface changes

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