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Crazy Mix And Match Game With Funny Animals and Sounds

Herd Absurd! Mix, match & collect (by Tinybright Pty) is a highly entertaining and adorably silly mix and match game that’ll have your young kids grinning from ear to ear. This iOS Universal mix and match game is pure entertainment and features colorful and kid-friendly graphics, 150+ crazy sounds and animations, and 2700+ animal (body part) combinations to let your child’s imagination run wild while creating the silliest herd of animals you have ever seen.


Herd Absurd! is a puzzle game of sorts and is best suited for kids 2 and up. This iPhone and iPad mix and match game encourages kids to explore and have fun in creative free play. Herd Absurd! offers 4 different colored background game boards to choose from and 3 different sliding puzzle sections filled with endless animal combinations for funny mixing and matching gameplay.

Your child can choose to mimic real-life animals and line up all 3 puzzle sections that way or go hog wild and create his or her own funny and outlandish animal combinations. Kids will want to tap and poke all the different body parts to activate a whole range of whacky sounds and animations such as mooing, doorbells ringing, slurping, squeaking, drumming, burping, techno music and more. What really keeps the gameplay fun is the wide variety of silly-looking animal combinations, sounds and animation you and your child can create just by changing out 1 puzzle section.


But there’s more to this fun mix and match game than just pure entertainment. Herd Absurd! also has a rewards sticker area with 16 different animal stickers for kids to collect. Your child will see a puzzle picture of a real animal and he or she will have to duplicate it in the puzzle game portion of the app before collecting that animal sticker. This sticker activity challenges young children to remember the animal seen, match its proper shape and color before receiving the reward. And when he or she does match the animal puzzle pieces correctly, the zany sounds and animations will reaffirm it.

Herd Absurd! Mix, match & collect is an awesome mix and match game that has some educational value, but kids will love it for the fun and hilarious animal creations, noises and animations that are sure to get lots of giggles.


Herd Absurd! Mix and Match Game App Features

• Retina enabled artwork, made with love and attention to detail
• Free play and challenge play – kids can participate according to their age and
skill level
• Every part of every animal can be poked for funny sounds and animations
• Kids can choose their favorite colored blocks to play with
• Over 150 animations and custom sound effects
• Over 2700 possible animal combinations
• Sounds and music can be turned on/off
• Ages 2 and up
• Made for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

What’s New
– 4 new animals available for purchase!
– Pack includes crocodile, elephant, turtle and vulture
– Over 30 new sound effects and animations!
– Fun new mechanics: try touching and holding the turtle’s tummy!

As of 11/08/13 Herd Absurd! Mix, match & collect has been reduced in price to only $0.99 from $2.99!

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*Disclaimer – Since most app price drops are temporary, we cannot guarantee how long this app will be dropped in price.

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