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Monkey Boxing – Funny Monkey Fighter iOS Game, Be The Chimp!

In the Monkey Boxing app, you’re a boxing monkey battling your way through 50 fights, training in between fights, and getting your bling on before you enter the ring.

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The “monkey bling” is currently the best part of this casual iOS game. There are apparently over 269 billion different monkey boxing outfit combinations to dress your monkey in. Not all items are available, but as you play items will unlock as you continue to win fights.

There are 2 game modes, single player and 2 player same device. The 2 player option on the iPhone is pretty much impossible, but is much easier to accomplish on the iPad. This iOS game could really benefit from online match monkey boxing gameplay. Fighting online opponents through Game Center would be a lot of fun!



Currently, the game is pretty good, but with just 2 game controls it seems a bit limited in the fun factor. Your monkey opponents do get tougher and you will have to change up your strategy, but the game lacks the ability to throw a variety of punches and combos. There is a practice area where you can increase your monkey’s abilities, which mainly teaches the proper use of the game controls.

The monkey bling is what makes this game crazy! There are all sorts of colors, glasses, hair, hats and other designs you can use to trick out your boxing monkey with before the next big fight.

Overall, Monkey Boxing is good old fashioned, whacky monkey fighting fun, but is a bit repetitive and a bit overpriced.


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