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Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure, Math Kids Will Love

You and your kids will have a hard time putting the Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure game down once you get sucked into the awesome math-inspired gameplay. This iOS educational game will challenge your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills as you soar through 5 Enchanted Islands using only your math skills to keep your monkey hero alive.

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Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure features 65 unlockable levels of pure math fun. Your objective is to help your monkey stay hot on the trail of the evil Mean Monkey, retrieve all the stolen treasure, and get it back to where it belongs. To do this, you’ll make your way through all 5 islands, unlocking level after level, using only the power of math to protect your monkey and get him and his flying contraption through to the next destination.



During gameplay you must avoid deadly obstacles and solve oncoming math equations before you can blast your enemies with bananas and other weapons. Correctly solving equations gets you through levels safely, earns you coins, and closer to unlocking the next level. And closer to the next math island.

Kids will encounter all kinds of crazy enemies in midair like giant bumblebees, polar bears in a spaceships, aliens, hot air balloons and more. The changing scenery, different enemies, and animated comic strips keeps the gameplay fresh and adventurous. I found myself playing just to find out what was coming up next.



Another component that keeps the game fun is the option to buy costumes with earned coins: Jetpacker, Ninja, Pirate, Wizard, Pilot, and Galactic. Each costume comes with a special weapon like bananas, metal ninja stars, mini cannonballs and more. And each costume features a cool new ride (broom, plane, etc.).

Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure allows you to add up to 4 players and supports 13 languages. The gameplay isn’t too fast, but there’s a lot of multitasking going on in this iPhone and iPad game. For example, you have to maneuver both your thumbs quickly enough to input correct answers before your impending doom, be on the look out for oncoming equations to solve, as well as quick enough to count and input the number of floating coins to earn more points.



And each time you float over that flying treasure chest you get bonus points, which causes you to do more mental math trying to figure out how many more coin points have been added to your score. Levels get progressively harder with more problems to complete on each level. But kids do get a certain number of chances to stay alive each level (3) before having to replay a level. After perishing on a level, your child will be shown all the equations he or she missed, along with correct answers, to reinforce math fact learning. And all levels can be replayed for further reinforcement and enjoyment.

Overall, Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure is an awesome math game for kids that’ll challenge them to improve their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. It’s also a fun and adventurous Education app that your kids are sure to love playing on the iPhone or iPad.


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