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Monogram Wallpaper App For Beautiful Custom Wallpapers On Your iOS Device

There’s nothing more “custom” or “personalized” than having your name or initials monogrammed on the things you love. And with the help of one of the best monogram wallpaper apps, Monogram It! – Custom Wallpapers and Backgrounds, you get to display your own special stamp on quality wallpaper backgrounds that you create for your iPhone and iPad screen.

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This iOS Universal Lifestyle app comes with beautiful wallpaper designs, multiple color scheme pattern choices, monogram frames, and quality font-style templates that make it a snap for you to turn your iOS mobile device into something that’s uniquely yours.

Monogram Wallpaper iPhone App

Monogram It! App Overview

After seeing all the beautifully designed backgrounds created with this monogram wallpaper app, the opening screen for this application definitely lacks pizzazz. The home screen has a very bland design and simple message that tells you to, “Click the plus sign to start creating your first design.” However, once you start creating your own monogrammed wallpapers, things get much more exciting.

Using 4 different icons in the lower navigation bar, you will be led through the whole design and creation process that only takes a matter of minutes to complete, from start to finish. The 4 icons are for choosing wallpaper patterns and colors, selecting preferred frame shape and color to surround your monogrammed letters, typing in letters, and choosing letter color and font style by testing out font-style templates.

Getting Started

Once you tap on that pattern icon, you can either add your own photo to create a real custom wallpaper feel or select from the 35+ backgrounds provided. These colorful and interesting wallpaper designs are sure to jumpstart your creative juices. Wallpaper background patterns range in color, and design options offer simple to sophisticated geometric patterns to elegant damasks and florals, down to tribal and animal prints.

But it’s not until you swipe through the color scheme slider to change pattern colors, that you’ll really start to appreciate the background designs that are included in this monogram application. Swiping through the color choice slider, you can pick from a variety of color scheme options to change either the color of the design pattern or the background color. And depending upon the wallpaper design pattern you chose, there maybe more or less color scheme options to choose from.

It’s amazing to see how a color change to the pattern or background shifts the overall mood and look of a wallpaper. Pattern and color choices are a great way to customize the look of your iPhone and iPad screen, and really reflect your own individual personality. One other thing that’s worth pointing out about the Monogram It! app is that all of their promotional photos for the app show off soft and pretty pastel images that make the app seem really “girly.” However, this personalization app has plenty of simple, classic, and bold patterns, as well as stronger color options to please the less than “girly” types. You can see some other custom wallpaper examples by watching the above video.

iPhone App Review for Monogram Generator app Monogram It!

Choose A Frame

Once you’ve completed your pattern and color choice, it’s time to choose a monogram frame to place your name or initials on. There are 15+ frame options. They come in a range of colors and shapes from circles to squares to diamonds and more elaborate design cutouts. This monogram background and wallpaper app also gives you the option to not use a frame to surround your initials or name, if you prefer not to. To do that, just tap the “x” icon on the slide bar – it’s the last option. I created several wallpapers with and without monogrammed frames, and can say that they both came out equally nice.

Add A Personal Touch

And for the ultimate personalized touch, it’s time to add your name or initials. Monogram It! gives you a rainbow of color choices for your letter(s) or name. Choose your favorite color from the color spectrum to see that 1 color appear for your all your initials or letters in your name. You’ll then have about 15 font style templates to choose from. I had a great time typing my name and then initials to see how each template style changed the look of my monogram. Since monograms typically consist of 3 initials from your name (first, last, middle or other variations), there are a few templates that will only show up to 3 letters, no matter how many letters you’ve originally typed in. One other thing you may want to be mindful of is that typing in your name or initial(s) in all caps or in upper and lower case letters will make a big difference in how it appears in the different font style templates. For me, this portion of the creation process was one of the most interesting and fun.

iPhone App Review for the Monogram Wallpaper App

Save and Start Using

And once you’re happy with your custom wallpaper, you can save it to your camera roll. From there you can set the wallpaper design as your iPhone or iPad’s lock screen or home screen from within the native Photos app or by going into your mobile device settings. Monogram It! also lets you assign your custom wallpaper to one of your phone contacts, send as a SMS message, or even send via email.

To me, another great feature is the ease of editing your already created backgrounds. Each time you open up the Monogram It! app, you will see your collection of created monogrammed wallpapers. This personalization app makes it so simple to instantly make big or small changes to your monogrammed creations. With just a handful of created designs, you can easily turn out new wallpaper variations for your iPhone or iPad screen for every day of the year.

Although this monogram wallpaper app was created to personalize your iPhone or iPad, you can think outside of the box and take these personal creations beyond your mobile device. The app’s developer, Firelit Studios, provides a few suggestions for using your own monogrammed wallpapers for, “printed cards, binders or other craft projects.”

Also, Firelit Studios appears to be pretty giving with this iOS Universal application. Currently, there are no in-app purchases in the app. And according to their app description, they plan to frequently add more free content in the form of patterns, fonts and monogram frames. So I’d say this $0.99 app is definitely a steal of a deal.

Overall Thoughts

After using the Monogram It! app to create my own monogrammed wallpapers, it’s not hard to see why this iOS application is holding strong in the iTunes popularity charts. And if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to virtually customize and personalize your iOS device, you’ll definitely want to check out this wallpaper and monogram generator app for yourself.

iPhone App Review for Monogram It Monogram Wallpaper App

Download The Monogram Wallpaper App – Monogram It! Now!

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Developer: Firelit Studios
iOS Universal Lifestyle app, Cost: $0.99, v 2.0
Monogram It! - Custom Wallpapers and Backgrounds
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 03/05/2014
Excellent iPhone and iPad monogram wallpaper background app.
5 / 5 stars

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