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Monster Mayhem: Slash, Shoot, Explode 20 Monster Types!

Monster Mayhem is a castle defense game that is packed with monsters, as well as creative weapons to hack, slash, shoot, and blow up the continuous waves of fiendish brain eaters. Protect your iron gate, that is your objective in this touch-to-kill castle defense game. There are currently 20 different ghoulish creatures hellbent on busting down your iron gate to get to your fresh, steamy brains (okay not for real, just added for dramatic effect), but don’t be surprised if you see more very soon because this game has legs, and an update may be looming. Additionally, there are some whacky “bosses” to battle like: Frank Stein, Roger Rattlebone, Chainsaw Hewitt, and more. The monster-killing method involves slashing them with a knife, ala Fruit Ninja, or tap to shoot a weapon like a handgun or firearm, as well as many others.

Monster Mayhem FREE iPhone Game App ReviewsMonster Mayhem FREE iPhone Game App Reviews

While I did not get to the later levels of gameplay, you can play this game virtually for FREE, albeit a bit harder. However, as with all freemium games, there is virtual app currency that you can purchase through in app purchases, which will expedite your gameplay. The monters don’t take their time when attacking, so you’ll want to stay vigilant and keep an eye on your ammo — as you will need to replenish this in between rounds. An extra feature for you monsterologists out there is a Monster Almanac, complete with some additional information for you hardcore monster lovers/killers. I had a great time playing Monster Mayhem — it’s a good-time game that will keep you busy for awhile defending your gate from the unrelenting waves of monsters. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Monster Mayhem FREE iPhone App Details

Title: Monster Mayhem
Price: Free
Size: 45.8 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Taplay Limited
Store: iTunes App Store

Monster Mayhem FREE iPhone App Download Link

Monster Mayhem - Taplay Limited

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Monster Mayhem FREE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
★★★★★ Free For Limited Time
★IGN Review – IGN Editor’s Choice Award
“It’s addicting, easy to play, and looks just fantastic. I expect Monster Mayhem to haunt my iPhone for some time.”

★TouchArcade Review
“Monster Mayhem is a great monster mash that should get castle defense fans thoroughly excited.”

★Pocket Gamer Review
“Monster Mayhem is brilliantly designed to keep you entertained throughout.”

★AppSpy Review
“Monster Mayhem is still an extremely polished and charmingly addictive game that will appeal to casual and hard core gamers alike”

★Slide To Play Review
“Monster Mayhem is a worthwhile purchase if you’re looking for a new castle defense game.”

“Though Monster Mayhem theme is about monsters, but it is really a cute and funny game if you try!”

Monster Mayhem is a frantic shoot ‘em up fright fest that is just plain fun!

Get ready for the goriest, bloodiest, hack-and-slash monster attack game you’ve ever seen.
The only game where attack IS the best form of defense!
In the dark of night the monsters are lurking.
For too long they have been locked behind the great iron gates of the graveyard.
The monsters can’t bare it anymore so they’ve started a revolution!
The only thing blocking their invasion is you, The Grave Keeper,
who must attempt to stop the monsters from pouring out of the graveyard by any means necessary.
Arm yourself with all the weapons you can find
and get ready for all out assault on the Mad Monster Horde.

★ Frantic fingers
An intense flurry of fingers is needed to keep the monster mayhem at bay.
Use multiple weapons to Attack every Monster as they pour towards their goal.
★ All manner of monsters
A total of 20 manic monsters and 5 boss characters,
each with their own skills and weaknesses,
including Frank Stein, Roger Rattlebone, Chainsaw Hewitt and more.
★ Upgrade your arsenal
Kill monsters to earn cash and upgrade your weapons to keep them from breaking though your assault.
Weapons include a saber, a machine gun, grenades, a flame thrower and when all else fails, Nuke ‘em!
★ The Monster Almanac
Collect all your enemies in the Almanac to reveal your Kill Count and stats.

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