Monster Trouble Dark Side, One Of The Best iPad Tower Defense Games!

If you are looking for one of the best iPad Tower Defense games, Monster Trouble Dark Side might just be what you’re looking for? This is not the first Monster Trouble Tower Defense game by NuOxygen. And obviously the Monster Trouble Dark Side app shows off their talent in a very well done Tower Defense game with a lot of little extras that make it great.

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In this Medieval themed TD game you are the monsters. The monsters’ Talisman has been stolen by the pesky humans. But it’s your time as you play through traditional TD gameplay levels as Ogres, Trolls, Goblins, Wraiths and 10 other types of monsters. Your goal, of course, destroy the humans and get the Monsters’ Talisman back!

The strategy at hand is to correctly determine from where to send your different monsters to successfully complete each mission. This TD game plays very well, has luscious 3D graphics, an easy zoom in/zoom out function, and drag-to-see touch screen gestures that make this one of the best iPad Tower Defense games.

Since Monster Trouble Dark Side is iOS Universal, it is also by default one of the best iPhone Tower Defense games. The reason for this is that NuOxygen meticulously designed this game with really cool Medieval game environments, changing weather during level gameplay, 4 difficulty settings, 10 different monsters, 10 different game maps, 24 levels of gameplay and more. The game (by default) starts in medium mode, which is very challenging to say the least. Thank goodness for easy mode. Yes, even skilled gamers will find this Tower Defense game a challenge.

The trick to each level is to complete your objectives without letting all your monsters perish. I have played a lot of iOS games and this is definitely one of the tougher ones indeed. On each level you get a variety of monsters to send out from different monster nests to attack the village you’re tasked with defeating. There are several paths to send your monsters, but you must pick the right mix of monsters and send them at the right time to defeat the various human enemies.

monster trouble dark side one of the best ipad tower defense games

During my gameplay, the Trolls were my favorite monsters because of their rock throwing abilities and awesome spiked clubs. But on the downside, the Trolls are pretty slow. You will have to figure out each of the 10 different monsters’ strengths and weaknesses to beat this challenging TD game. The villagers are not pushovers in Monster Trouble Dark Side either. Believe me, the artificial intelligence (AI)/ enemy humans defend to win! NuOxygen has done a great job of reversing the same old TD game, now giving us a chance to play as marauding monsters.

Be sure to pay attention to the sounds in this app, they are just as scrumptious as the awesome graphics. To give you an example of what I’m talking about, NuOxygen really paid attention to detail by adding just the right amount of dogs barking, laughing Goblins, burning wood and the like to please my ears along with my eyes.

this is one of the best ipad tower defense games

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