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Mosquito Madness – Funny Redneck Game!

Mosquito Madness is “redneck” humor at its finest as you play to save a shirtless fat guy from the swarm of hungry mosquitos in this blood-sucking endless runner game. Living in the South has given me a good perspective of who and what a redneck is. Actually, there are rednecks all over the US, not just the South, and for that matter, there are rednecks all over the world — heck, there are times when I could consider myself a redneck. However, Mosquito Madness has given us a fun, light-hearted look at the “typical” redneck in this iPhone game. The object is easy: save the portly (fat) guy, holding his favorite cold beverage (guessing beer), while he’s running across the trashy trailer park to avoid the various types of mosquitos and bees that want to empty him of his life. Your job is to smash the mosquitos that appear as single enemies, but will quickly come in fierce formations attacking quickly, like ninjas. You’ll find even the most basic mosquito will cause harm to your hapless “Joe Redneck” who spits out funny one-liners all the way across the trailer park — that is until he is eating dirt.

iPhone game app reviewiPhone game app review

The farther you go (yes, you guessed it) there are more voracious green, blue, and who knows what color mosquitos that are harder to kill and that inflict more damage. Fortunately, there are some power-ups that you can purchase to help your redneck out like bug spray, a bee mit and more. In my opinion, Mosquito Madness is an overlooked, silly endless runner game that is both super funny (love the one-liners) and has challenging gameplay to boot. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app review for a a look at the gameplay for Mosquito Madness. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Mosquito Madnees iPhone App Details

Title: Mosquito Madnees
Price: Free
Size: 11.8 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Elevate Entertainment
Store: iTunes App Store

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Mosquito Madness - Elevate Entertainment

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Mosquito Madnees iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Download the Store app and wish for more top rated paid apps like Mosquito Madness to become FREE for a day!

The mosquitoes are out thick today and they are hungry—REAL HUNGRY! Keep the bugs at bay and the redneck running in this funny, frantic romp through the trailer park. This is some seriously silly fun from the good folks that brought you Knife Toss and Float.

Get a kick in the pants with a Billy Boost and arm yourself with bug bombs, bee mits, and defibrillators to beat your friends to the top of the leaderboards.

– Upgrade your character with crazy powerups
– Simple tap and drag controls
– Game Center Leaderboards
– Over 50 hilarious voice clips
– Trashy trailer park backgrounds

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