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MotoSikeO (by Spin Island LLC.) is a motorcycle racing game that will test your reflexes by becoming progressively harder the farther you go, with ability to reach top speeds of 180mph during this 3D graphic motorcycle gameplay. We’ve all seen the crotch rocket motorcycle riders fly by us in traffic performing maneuvers that would turn any normal person’s stomach. Now, you can have that same daredevil experience with this new iPhone game. Hop on your virtual crotch rocket and try to make it to the finish line using your accelerometer to move side to side, speed up and slow down. Tap on the screen and continue to hold to perform a wheelie, doing so while passing cars gives you more points, but also makes the bike harder to control.

MotoSikeO iPhone Game App ReviewsMotoSikeO iPhone Game App Reviews

There are cars, trucks, and tumbleweeds that will get in your way and more prevalent, with a rather aggressive artificial intelligence (AI), the farther you go in this game. The sounds are good and so are the graphics, but the game is a little tough on the iPhone and 1 more racing level would be good. However, there is room to grow in this app and I would suggest the developers add 2 player Game Center match, an endless mode, and more levels. There is even room to add different cities and so on. While this game is a lot like Lane Splitter, the motorcycle handles a bit more realistically than Lane Splitter (but does not have as extensive gameplay). MotoSikeO truly reminds me of the crazies that I see riding crotch rockets, and now I can virtually experience that rush, and if I crash, I just start over — not so much for the real world MotoSikeO’s. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

MotoSikeO iPhone App Details

Title: MotoSikeO
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Developer: Spin Island LLC.
Store: iTunes App Store

MotoSikeO iPhone App Download Link

MotoSikeO - Spin Island LLC

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MotoSikeO iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Moto-Sike-O is a new motorcycle racing game that challenges you more
than any other motorcycle racing game available today (expecting
millions of downloads). The game’s artificial intelligence makes the
game more difficult the better you get, so you always stay on the edge
of your seat. While you think you’re playing the game, it’s really
playing you, throwing more obstacles in your way the further you
progress. Just when you think you can out maneuver all the cars &
trucks, another car, truck or other obstacle moves in your way
unexpectedly, forcing you to respond faster than before. You’re quickly
hooked because the thrill of the game is so addictive; you just want to
keep playing!

If you have the right iPad adapters to play Moto-Sike-O on a large
screen HDTV, you will be amazed at how realistic the 3D graphics are.

Features include:

·Dynamic artificial intelligence continues to make the game more
challenging no matter how good you get.

·Responsive control. It drives and feels like a real motorcycle.

·Speed control by tilting the device forward and backward

·Turning control by tilting the device left and right

·Wheelie the bike by tap and hold anywhere on the screen

·Progress indicator so you know where you are on the course


·Top speed of 150 mph by tilting forward.

·Top speed of 180 mph when doing a wheelie

·Extra points for passing a vehicle while doing a wheelie

·Amazing 3D graphics. Try driving through the covered gas stations.

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