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Mr Potato Head Create & Play – Virtual Fun (video)

Mr Potato Head Create & Play takes the Mr. Potato Head toy “virtual” in this fun iPad and iPhone game. I imagine just about every kid has heard of, played with or seen the classic Mr. Potato Head or Mrs. Potato Head by now.

Watch the Mr Potato Head Create & Play app video now!


The basics of the classic kids’ game are to build virtual Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head’s. There are different themes from the original Mr Potato Head to Mr Potato Head Pirate, Mr Potato Head Astronaut, and many more. You put Mr Potato Head together with simple, intuitive drag-and-drop touch control.



Once you complete your Mr or Mrs Potato Head masterpiece, you can go into a variety of themed interactive places. Once at any of these cool interactive places, there are a variety of buttons to press to explore the different interactions that occur with your Mr. Potato Head. There is also an option to snap a photo during any of the interactions.



The only real negative with the app is the cost for all Mr. and Mr. Potato Heads. You will have to fork out $12.99 for 11 different themed pairs (currently), with more coming soon. That comes out to approximately $1.18 for each Mr. and Mr. Potato Head pair, which could be kind of a steep price for families in today’s economy.

What do you think? Is the $12.99 price fair to unlock 22 total Mr. and Mr Potato Heads?


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