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Mystery Math Town – Number Clues in Every Room, iOS App

Mystery Math Town will satisfy your kids’ desire for a stimulating math learning adventure. Their curiosity will be piqued by the playful and mysterious sounds, artwork and overall game concept that this math Education game provides.



In Mystery Math Town, kids will go on an interactive number and coin hunt “snooping” through the houses of this strange and whacky town. Their mission is to rescue trapped fireflies all throughout the town by solving basic addition, subtraction and multiplication equations.

And how do the kids do that? Accompanied by a friendly ghost, kids must look high and low to discover the numbers they need to solve each equation. This allows them to unlock the doors and windows to get into the house, and then to get up and down stairs, ladders, and other doors once inside.



By properly placing numbers into the solved equation format, kids will move on through a series of rooms searching for number clues, coins and jars of fireflies. And as they travel from room to room solving equations, they’ll want to collect extra numbers to put in their handy file drawer. They will need them to solve equations in other rooms. While snooping about, they’ll want to be on the lookout for fun interactive animations and silly talking portraits that add to the whacky fun.



Speaking of talking portraits, Mystery Math Town adds another interesting twist to their math learning game with the Art Collector Challenge. As kids continue to solve math problems, they’ll discover gold coins that allow them to earn talking portraits for their own gallery. The “My Gallery” is a place for Kids to hang portraits of the townspeople and to hear about town history and other crazy things the locals have to say.



There are a couple of other unique features in this Education game that make it wonderfully different. One is the use of customized avatars. Each player can create their own unique and silly looking avatar by changing out certain parts: hair/hat, eyes/glasses, and mouth/beards. Also, Mystery Math Town includes an opportunity to use dice and tally marks in solving equations. This adds another dimension of critical thinking into the mix.



Teachers and homeschooling parents will be pleased to know that Mystery Math Town was designed for classroom learning and supports multiple users with their own accounts. Also, the math skills can be adjusted for each player’s age and ability. And although this game is best suited for kids 6-12 years old, I’m pretty sure some older kids will find it an entertaining way to practice their math drills also. Who can resist snooping about in a fun mystery adventure?

If you’d like to try out this interactive math learning game for free, there are a few promo codes below. We’d love to hear what you and your kids think of Mystery Math Town. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Yes, it is attention grabbing. With Today’s technology, math is becoming a lot more fun for kids.