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MyTube, The Best YouTube Client iOS App (Video)

MyTube – For people who love YouTube and can¹t live without it is the perfect YouTube iOS app. Are you missing the old native iOS YouTube app? Well, meet MyTube, a YouTube client app that features 15 video categories, 50 supported languages, a cool cached video while browsing feature, and more.

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When the iPhone first came out it included a Native YouTube iOS app. However, since iOS 6, Apple has removed this application and the YouTube replacement is just okay. That is where MyTube fills the void for those who used to use the old Native iOS app, or for those who just want a better iOS YouTube viewing experience. This Productivity Entertainment app offers the look and feel of the old iOS app and basically the same functionality. There are 15 categories to search YouTube as well as several filters to easily find the videos you are looking for.



You can also login into your YouTube account and do a variety of things such as save a video to “Watch Later.” The coolest feature in this app is a small alien looking TV that plays a cached version of the video you selected. You can manipulate this viewer by pinching in and out, and it works in portrait and landscape modes. The viewer continues to play the video even while you search YouTube or perform other actions within this application, except starting another video. Once you tap to watch another video, the new video will appear in the player.

MyTube – For people who love YouTube and can’t live without it is a fantastic YouTube iOS client app that will have you ditching the new YouTube app in a hurry. MyTube is iOS Universal and while there are other MyTube apps, none have the cool portable video player!



YouTube App Video Link: MyTube iPhone App Review – CrazyMikesapps[powerpress]


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