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Nail Painting App – Stylish Nails Shows You How with Video!

I recently came across this free nail painting app that makes it easy to create beautiful, classy, funky and fun nail designs in just a matter of minutes in most cases. Stylish Nails is an iPhone nail painting app that delivers a nice mix of quick step-by-step videos from a variety of Youtube sources. Each of the nail painting videos in this app walks you effortlessly through the painting process of 100+ detailed nail art designs to help you create attractive looking nail designs on your own for just about any occasion.

The developer of the Stylish Nails Lifestyle app separated the 100+ instructional nail painting design videos into 3 main categories: Full nail, Half nail, and Cartoon. When you come across designs you like, you can “heart” them and this places them in the Favorites category along side the other 3 main categories. There’s not much else to the navigation for this free nail painting app, except ads that run near the bottom, but you hardly notice them.

Since the instructional videos come from different YouTube channels in this app, the professional quality and presentation styles vary. Some of the videos are narrated along with the demonstration, some have text instructions too, others demonstration only, and some include music, etc. I came across 1 video that had audio in another language with English text (for reading), but even without the English text I would have no problem understanding what to do by watching the demonstration video (showing the technique). There are over 100 nail painting “how to” videos in this iPhone app. Most are short and to the point, but it depends on the design. There was 1 rose design video that I came across that was 11+ minutes long. However, it had an interesting raised 3D look to the flower petals that may be worth the time to learn. When scrolling through the different videos, I only came across 2 videos that were no longer available.


One thing I really like about the videos in this app is that the host teaching the technique also gives helpful tips and tricks to help you do well recreating the designs. Also, the tools and nail polishes used are shown to you as well (in most videos). Apparently, a dotting tool and fine detailed paint brush are good things to own. I think this free nail painting app is great for a large range of ages and personalities. There are a lot of different nail art designs that would be good for anytime of year, as well as plenty of holiday themed designs for certain periods (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day). There’s plenty of cute things to love like: cows, penguins, cats, candy, fruit, and a ton of other silly characters. Looking for something a little more hip? Maybe musical notes, animal stripes, checkered boards, Manga eyes or Angry Birds are more your speed. For those of us with more conservative taste, you’ll find some sophisticated designs with tiny flowers, dots, stripes and scrolling patterns.

Honestly, for free, this is a great app that will have appeal to many and is good for creating nice looking nail designs for a lot of different occasions like: a wedding, date night with your significant other, Valentine’s Day, kid’s birthday party, slumber party, fun Mother/Daughter activity, Girls’ Night In gathering, rainy day, fun time waster, or just because you want to do something for yourself (Mom?). So whatever your reason, you’re bound to find something you like — so go for it and be fun, whacky, sassy, outrageous, pretty, elegant or sophisticated in this easy-to-learn nail painting app. I know my teen girls and I look forward to trying out some of these nail designs soon. Let me know what you think of the free of this nail painting app.

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