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National Parks by National Geographic, Explore the Beauty of US Parks!

The National Parks by National Geographic app lets you explore, learn and plan for trips to 25 of our nation’s most popular natural treasures. This Free iPhone and iPad Travel app contains beautiful photographs throughout and acts as an interactive guide to keep you informed. You’ll find maps, insider advice on what to see and do, national park secrets and more.


National Parks by National Geographic highlights 25 of the most visited national parks spanning across 4 regions of the United States. Some of the spotlighted parks include the Florida Everglades, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Acadia National Park in Maine, and the Denali National Park in Alaska, among other amazing wonders. The majority of included parks seem to be located out west (CA, UT, WA, etc.), but the additions of other parks are coming. Each of the included 25 national parks comes with photos and captions. However, the amount of photos is disappointingly sparse with only 3 for each park, but most of the photos that are included are awe inspiring. If you need more visual stimulation, there are an additional 40 photos to browse in the National Geographic Archive and National Geographic Fan Photos sections.


The navigation in National Parks by National Geographic is ultra smooth and segmented into a few main categories: Home, Parks, and Map. In Home, you’ll find those extra photos, expert photo taking tips, a place to create personalized itineraries, NG news articles to read, and Editors’ Pick articles on the best places to hike.

The Parks category will take you into the individual parks with photos, give you the local time and 5-day weather forecast and some visitor stats.  In addition to this, you’ll discover park information like: visitor services, entrance fees, seasons of operation, activities, permits, accessibility to sites, and any special advisories. Find out when, how and what to visit when you get there, as well as important camping and lodging info. There is even a special tab that lets you find and browse parks by region, state, season or activity.


You can discover points of interest using the 2 types of maps included in the National Parks by National Geographic app. The satellite view map has flagged points of interest and the GPS function calculates your current distance from each point of interest location. The satellite view allows you to zoom out or in for a really up close look, including major and minor roadway names. Exploring this map area also allows you to favorite, share on Facebook, Twitter, or email, and a few other things.  

The National Parks by National Geographic app offers a lot for free, but the “Guides” for each park are not free. These can be purchased through in app purchase for $1.99 or all for $12.99. There are a few complaint reviews in iTunes about the cost of guides that should be free, as well as the overall value of info that is normally provided for free on the government website like (the National Park Service)  Regardless, I found the convenience of beautiful photos and relevant information at my finger tips enjoyable, helpful, and worthy of a download. And as an added bonus in this free app, you’ll find opportunities to register for Canon Live Learning workshops and classes (among other things), since The National Parks by National Geographic app is sponsored by Canon.

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