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Nativity Story For Kids – Charming and Nostalgic Pop Up Book For iPad

Experience the miracle of the First Christmas through a unique Nativity story for kids. The Nativity Story – Popup Deluxe Edition by Puddle Tap Publishing brings an interesting and high quality iPad book to the mobile platform. In this iPad application you and your family will journey back into history through an old leather-bound book to the ancient City of Bethlehem where Joseph and Mary search for a place to stay the night. And follow along to the end of this interactive book to discover where the baby Jesus is finally born.

Awesome Nativity Story For Kids iPad App Review

This Nativity story for kids has a charming and nostalgic quality that shines through, making this Christmas story really come alive on the iPad. This iPad popup book has been created especially for kids 3-8 and features a beautiful user interface and vintage looking artwork. These features are likened to old wooden cutouts and pop-up books from years gone past. Another interesting feature in this iOS Books app is that it provides for a multi-language reading experience which includes narration and text in English, French or Spanish.

In addition to that, there are 2 reading modes for you and your family to enjoy: Read To Me and Ready By Myself. But you won’t want to miss out on the wonderful narration that keeps a perfect storytelling pace and delivers an enthusiastic performance that’s sure to entertain as you listen to the story of Christ’s birth unfold. This Nativity story for kids is told in a melodic rhyming format that keeps the story moving along and interesting to listen to. There is also a good balance of animations and interactive opportunities on each page to keep kids engaged in this story of Jesus’ birth. In addition to the story text, your family can participate in the storytelling process by tapping on “wooden” speech buttons to hear what each character has to say, as well to activate the various animations on each page.

The Story of Jesus Christ's Birth

With each page turn you’ll hear the clunky turning sound of a wooden cog and see all the artwork shift and slide into place from all possible directions, simulating a real pop-up book experience. And the addition of quality music and sounds lends to the excitement in this Nativity story for kids. As you read through the 13 pages, you and your kids will meet Bethlehem’s various residents while traveling with Joseph and Mary from the inn, to the tavern, to the theater and more asking the same question. Along the way you’ll tap on doors, open window shutters, ring a bell, and more before reaching your final destination to discover where Baby Jesus is born. Near the end of this Nativity book there is a musical opportunity for kids to interact with a band of angels as they play “The First Noel” on their instruments. And after reading through this version of the First Christmas, you and your family can explore the Birth of Jesus as told in the Gospel of Luke from within this application.

The Nativity Story For Kids iPad App

The Nativity Story – Popup Deluxe Edition does a really nice job of presenting the Bible story of Jesus’ birth. Not only is this iPad Books app an entertaining, charming and nostalgic pop up book that young kids will enjoy, but one that could easily become a family favorite.

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