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NBA 2012 Live Wallpaper (Android)- Real Fans Needed!

Live wallpaper apps are a great way to personalize and express yourself on your  Android device. Now, NBA fans have an opportunity to  represent their favorite team with NBA 2012 Live Wallpaper (by Cellfish Studios). While this live wallpaper Android app is FREE, it is a little deceiving. There is 1 FREE NBA live wallpaper included, which is the official NBA logo, but did not find this easily when I opened the app. The more apparent options were the NBA team wallpapers all selling for $1.99 a piece, which is definitely pricey  in my opinion– so buyer beware. I went ahead and purchased the Detroit Pistons’ live wallpaper, which has several customization settings, bouncing basketballs that can be moved using my Galaxy Nexus accelerometer, which is a pretty cool feature. However, for $2 I would normally pass on this.  But, if you’re a real big NBA fan and  want to support you team by displaying your team logo on everything, then you’ll probably want this app. The FREE  live wallpaper is uninspiring, unless you work for the NBA; I don’t and I doubt you do either.

NBA 2012 Live Wallpaper Android AppsNBA 2012 Live Wallpaper Android Apps

Another rather cheesy revenue stream is the offer of a ringtone for $0.99 when you purchase the live wallpaper — wow, what a deal. If you buy the ringtone alone, it costs the same and I never really noticed what the official song or ringtone would be for the Detroit Pistons, but I am guessing it would get annoying. Again, unless I was a hardcore Pistons fan. Check this app out before purchasing any live wall papers, but in the developer’s defense, the live wallpapers did work well, were stable,  and looked great. So, I guess they feel their prices are fair, all things considered — you decide. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think or if you have any opinion on this app. Check out our other Android app reviews. Crazy Mike

NBA 2012 Live Wallpaper Android App Details

Title: NBA 2012 Live Wallpaper
Price: FREE (must buy all wallpapers through in app purchase)
Category: Sports
Size: 6.0 MB
Developer: Cellfish Studios
Store: Android Market/Amazon App Store

NBA 2012 Live Wallpaper Android App Download Link

NBA 2012 Live Wallpaper -Android Market

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NBA 2012 Live Wallpaper Android App Developers Description

Official NBA Live Wallpaper app lets you tap N’ bounce basketballs on-screen!
**New for the 2011 – 12 season!!**

For the first time ever, download the official NBA Live Wallpaper app for your Android device! NBA Live Wallpaper lets you tap, bounce and add multiple basketballs to your home screen. Upgrade to your favorite NBA team for only $1.99! You can also purchase official NBA team ringtones!

Equipped with official logos, vibrant team colors, cool interactive basketballs and various court display options… This dazzling collection of live wallpapers allows you to stay connected to your NBA team of choice regardless of whether you’re at home on the couch or on the court shooting nothing but net.

*Free to download and comes with one free NBA themed live wallpaper
*All 30 teams have a live wallpaper available for in-app purchase
*Choose from 4 different basketball styles
*Add up to 5 separate basketballs at one time on-screen
*Customize the court with 3 different looks
*Made with official release software to ensure quality and performance
*Officially licensed release from the NBA

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