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You’ll always be able to find just the right restaurant for the food you’re craving when you use the Ness app. The Great Food Nearby: Ness app is a Food & Drink app that provides everything you could possibly need or want in a restaurant finder app. That’s probably why Apple voted it an “App Store Best of 2012” and why it currently sits in the “Previous Editors’ Choice” category in the iTunes App Store.

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The Great Food Nearby: Ness app has many of the same great features as other Food & Drink apps such as Yelp, Chefs Feed, and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Yes, this iOS app will guide you to restaurants near you, provide maps, directions, restaurant information, photos, users reviews and options to share socially. You can even make a reservation and view menus using the popular Open Table app from within the Ness app. However, the Ness – Restaurant Recommendations app manages to give a bit more.

The biggest difference in this app compared to others is the personalization factor. Ness “learns” your food preferences and gives restaurant suggestions based on the choices you make. You start personalizing this app by selecting your favorite and least favorite food choices from 30+ filters. Depending on your selections, the Ness – Restaurant Recommendation app will know what to suggest for you.

And the more actively you use this app to dismiss, save and rate suggested places, the better Ness gets to know you. Or should I say your taste buds? And since the Ness app is “powered by over 4,000,000 ratings from Ness users, Ness is the fastest way to get restaurant recommendations for you, not the crowd.”

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You’ll get instant restaurant recommendations for your current time of day and each recommendation comes on a restaurant card. These cards provide helpful information: type of restaurant, dollar range amount, distance from you, open/closing time, and more. The Ness app even provides a percentage score for each restaurant card shown, predicting how much it thinks you’ll like a specific restaurant. There are also restaurant photos in the “Photo Gallery” courtesy of Instagram. You can read ratings and reviews about a restaurant from Foursquare users.

A popularity ranking is also included on the card. To determine this, Ness keeps tabs on mentions on Facebook, Facebook Places, Tweets, Foursquare, and Citysearch. You can also connect with others through Facebook or Foursquare and see where your friends have been. The Ness app allows you to set up special notification alerts to let you know when your friends perform specific activities that you want to know about (somebody likes your rating, saves a place you liked, etc.)

Although you can use this app to strictly help you search and find places to eat without the whole “personalization” factor, I should point out that to take full advantage of this app, you’ll want to create a simple account/profile to rate, review or save places, create lists, follow friends, and share in the Great Food Nearby: Ness app. Overall, the Ness app is a great restaurant finder app that seems to have it all!

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