New Combat Sim Game, MEG RVO – Up and Coming iPad MMO/ARTS Game!

New Combat Simulation Game for iPad

MEG RVO is a new combat simulation game that aims to become a massive multiplayer online game for the iPad. While this is a tall order, the developer, Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries, is off to a great start with this free-to-play top down game.

MEG RVO Combat Sim Game Overview

You are a contractor driving a rig for the sinister corporation, Slate Kinetic, collecting strange artifacts, killing enemies, and capturing bases. Each game includes computer generated AI enemies and may include other online players as enemies or teammates. Teams currently are simplified to Red or Blue, and enemies are not designated with any colors. There are several different game boards, some with 3 capture points, some with 5 – all with unique designs. Your Rig can be outfitted with various offensive and defensive weapons as well as consumables that allow you to defend capture points. The team (Red or Blue) that captures all bases or “Capture Points” first wins the game.

MEG RVO Real Time Combat Sim Game for iPad

What Is MEG?

MEG is a robot of sorts that you use to collect artifacts and enemy remains. She has other uses such as hacking enemy turrets to turn them friendly, hacking bridges to gain access, as well as repair objects. MEG RVO currently has 2 distinct gameplay modes: Battle and Build/Recover.

MEG RVO Gameplay

Before each game you can load out your rig with different guns, defenses and consumables, all readily available in the market. Once the game starts you will leave your Team’s base in search of enemies to kill and bases to capture. Battle mode gameplay is the main game mode and uses 2 virtual joysticks to operate your rig. The left joystick drives the rig, while the right joystick is your weapons system. The Build/Recover mode is where MEG becomes a very valuable companion. Once you kill an enemy you tap the build/recover button and the controls switch from battle to build/recover. From this control board you can dispatch MEG to collect enemy remains. Enemy remains will provide you consumables like fences, walls, turrets and other items, which are critical for defending capture points.

Real Time iPad Strategy Game MEG RVO

Not all enemies leave remains and your rig can only hold so many consumables at one time, but you will want to fill your rig up with as many consumables as you can. The Build mode allows you to use those gained consumables to build defenses around capture points, which is best done before you actually capture a capture point. This is because once you capture a base or “capture point,” a swarm of enemies will usually attack you. If you have built good defenses, then you should survive, but if not, it’s quite possible that you will die. But don’t worry, you will re-spawn after a short period of time and will be back in the game.

MEG RVO New iPad Muiltiplayer Action Game

The Future for MEG RVO

Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries has big plans for MEG RVO and is continuously updating this game. They consider this game to currently be in Alpha stage, but the gameplay is already Beta to me. Currently, you can play without registering, but if you use an email to register you can backup your gameplay through the cloud. Also, there are no ads in the app and no in-app purchases at this point. The in-app currency are SKN’s, which you will get for free when you start to play and will earn through gameplay.

MEG RVO looks to become one of the top MMO/ARTS combat sim games for the iPad, and then move onto other platforms. If you would like to take this free iOS game for a testdrive, be sure to download your free copy using the iTunes App Store link below.

Download The MEG RVO Combat Sim Game App Now!

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iOS iPad Games Application, v. 2.7.0
Brand: Android OS
Manufacturer: Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries
4 based on 17 reviews
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About The Developer

Skunkwerks Kinetic is an autonomous new project launched in December 2011 by the founders of Vancouver-based Skunkwerks Software in collaboration with a newly-formed creative team. Although new to game development, the founders have a solid history of developing innovative technology through Skunkwerks Software and were named to BC Business magazine’s list of Top 20 Innovators in 2013.

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