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NFL ’12 iPhone n iPad App – Updated: The Good, Bad n Ugly

As the second week of NFL pre-season games come to an end tonight, with a matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles visiting the New England Patriots, we decided to see how the newly updated NFL ’12 iPhone and iPad Sports app shakes out. Currently, it looks as if the NFL majorly screwed up this update with new user ratings of 104 1-star ratings and 46 5-star ratings via iTunes — at the time of this article. The main rub is that the NFL took monetization to an unpopular level and they now require users to fork out either $9.99 a season or $1.99 a week to watch on-demand video, Fantasy Live and Thursday Night Live football video.

Apparently, the video clips were free last year. In addition, the Live feature only works on the iPad, and I am guessing any computer using the same account. Another sore spot is the NFL Audio Pass, which I am very interested in, is priced at $24.99 currently a 35% savings at the moment, but again only works on the iPad, which is a major fail since so many people travel, work, and so on, who would love to access, and should be able to access, NFL radio on their iPhones. As far as the app itself, the design is very basic with colorful team logos, news, a fantasy tab, teams tab, and more. The user interface works fine and features notifications for scores, when a game starts, etc. for your favorite team (only 1 can be selected) which is nice. I would have liked to have seen the ability to have 2 favorite teams or more, but you can track multiple teams through the calendar mode. I will have to say that I’m kind of surprised that a big money corporation like the NFL puts out such garbage iPhone and iPad applications. They are not hurting for money, but apparently whoever is in charge of the app development either has no budget or does not know what they are doing. As far as the overall design, it is not much better than CrazyMikesapps iPhone app — and we are a way smaller operation.

Other issues I have with the NFL ’12 iPhone app is that there is no communication in the iPhone app that informs you that in app purchases are not supported in the iPhone version and are only available in the iPad version — come on — stop the madness. Also, where is the social media integration? There is no sharing of your team’s scoring, news, or anything on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media network, which again even CrazyMikesapps iPhone app has social sharing functionality. The iAd images in the app are painfully horrible as well, worse in the iPhone version than the iPad, but as one commenter stated: why not let the people buy off the ads for $0.99. Seems to me that the NFL does not know squat about the current ways people communicate and apparently only threw an iPhone/iPad NFL app on the market to be en vogue. We will sort through some other NFL Football apps and provide some alternatives before the NFL 12 Football season starts. As for basic news and scores this app is good, but not for much else.

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