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Night Stand HD 2 – Agressive and Social Alarm App

There is no better iOS alarm application to awake up to than Night Stand HD 2 (by Spoonjuice). From the makers of “The Original Night Stand App” (Night Stand HD) comes this new and improved iOS Universal Utilities application now featuring Aggressive Alarm, plenty of sleek clocks to enjoy and other useful features to get you out of bed each day. I am pretty sure that there is a cliche out there somewhere that states you cannot make originals better, but in the case of the Night Stand HD 2 (iPhone) app — Spoonjuice has.

Some of the new elements are: The Polar Clock – a cool and unique clock face featuring your time (military), date, and other useful stuff in half circular rings rotating around the clock face in a variety of colors — definitely a way to keep one entranced and interested in the time. There is also an Aggressive Alarm feature, which is the patented technology invented by SnoozeKillers™, that is sure to get your butt out of bed — trust me, there is a 5 step process — no messing around here.

Another giant leap for any and all “Alarm Apps” is Apple Game Center integration, now getting up to an alarm can be turned into competitive fun, which truthfully is an interesting concept. You will receive achievements for doing certain things like setting your first alarm, getting up on time (and the like), and you can even share your results to Facebook and Twitter with 1 tap. This app is also iCloud sync enabled, which allows you to sync all your devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) with the app so you will not have to re-enter your alarm information. However, you will have to set the alarms specifically for each device since the iCloud sync cannot enable alarms on devices.


Each alarm features practical components such as an alarm icon, weather information (if enabled), battery indicator, the time of course, and the day of the week with an ultra slick Retina Display enhanced graphic that is eye candy for sure. Yes, I know. It is only an alarm clock app, but the graphics are very well done. Unlocking other clocks can be done through earning points, signing up to Spoonjuice’s email list, or by successfully completing certain achievements — or you can be like me and spend $0.99 on the Polar Clock because I just could not resist the mystique behind this clock face — just had to have it.

There is also a handy Stop Watch that even lets you track up to 5 times or 5 laps — and comes free with the original LCD clock display. Night Stand HD 2 is a benchmark-setting alarm clock application for all iOS apps of its genre — and with the price tag at $0.00 there is no reason not to download this application. Be sure to watch the Night Stand HD 2 iPhone App Video Demo for a complete look at this iPhone and iPad Utilities application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Night Stand HD 2 iPhone App Details

Title: Night Stand HD 2
Price: FREE
Category: Utilities
Size: 130.8 MB
Developer: Spoonjuice, LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

Night Stand HD 2 iPhone App Download Link

Night Stand HD 2 - Spoonjuice, LLC

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Night Stand HD 2 iPhone Developers App Description

iOS Universal
App Store Arcade:
“There are a few other cool features that transforms Night Stand HD 2 from a good app to a great app. If you sync Night Stand HD 2 to iCloud you can then sync your alarm settings on all of your different iDevices instead of having to re-input everything.”

The iPhone App Review:
“The folks at Spoonjuice have outdone themselves. The latest in their Night Stand app line is Night Stand HD 2, and this, my friends, is one serious alarm app.”

Night Stand HD 2 is the sleekest, most usable alarm clock app on the App Store that helps you wake up early and live healthily.

We took the best features from the first generation Night Stand HD app, added new features, polished them up and then polished them a little more. Introducing Night Stand HD 2 — new amazing clocks and features, ground-breaking Aggressive Alarm, stunning Polar Clock, Game Center integration and jaw-dropping visuals.

Night Stand HD 2 is the best, most feature-complete time utility on the App Store.

IMPORTANT: Night Stand HD 2 is the one and only original Night Stand app on the App Store. Over the years, we have seen many apps “inspired” by ours, which don’t provide anywhere near the quality and feature depth to ours. Make no mistake, you are looking at THE original Night Stand app right now.


Let’s admit it. Waking up is a game and you want to score big! Take your wake-up-on-time skills to a whole new level. Wake up early, make the most of your day, stay active, live healthy. Accumulate points and unlock new, beautiful clocks. Share your achievements on Facebook and Twitter.

Invented by the SnoozeKillers™ — this alarm will put you through our patent-pending “get-your-brain-out-of-bed trials” that fire when you don’t want to and really have to get out of bed. You’ll love knowing it’s there even if you never sleep in and the detailed presentation will make you smile.

How’s that Retina Display working for you? Pretty awesome, right?. Night Stand HD 2 brings superb high-resolution graphics to the table, specifically hand-crafted just for the newest iOS devices. We can’t wait for you to see it on the new iPad or iPhone 4S. Additionally, the same version of Night Stand HD 2 now works on all your iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Check out the stunning, simple and highly usable Polar Clock. Reading time has never been such an eye-pleasing experience.

We took the original LCD clock and updated it with a new, sleek and modern look. It sports four custom-tailored color variations: blue, green, pink and violet. Give it a spin, you will fall in love with it. It’s the most readable and beautiful clock on the App Store and possibly beyond it.

Keep tabs on the local weather right on your clock screen, including temperature and conditions.

From the refreshed LCD clock to the intricate beauty of Nixie, and all the way to the new and stunning Polar Clock, Night Stand HD 2 showcases the most beautiful and usable clocks on the market. There is absolutely no competition to the feature set in Night Stand HD 2. You have to see all 10 of them yourself.

• Battery indicator
• Multiple repeating alarms
• Wake up to your own music
• Double-tap screen dimming
• Disable device auto-lock
• Customizable sleep music setting
• Customizable snooze
• Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards
• Notification Center support
• World Clock with multiple time zones support
• Hyper-realistic Stopwatch
• New, beautiful app icon

*Disclosure* The developer Spoonjuice, LLC and the iPhone app “Night Stand HD 2” are paid advertisers on However, we at pride ourselves on finding, you, the consumer the most valuable applications (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android) to be presented on our website. will not review or demonstrate any application if it does not hit a benchmark of at least 3 CrazyMikesapps’ Heads, based on our head-rating system, unless the application is being featured as a “Crap App,” in which said case, the application will clearly be disclosed as such.

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