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NinJump Rooftops – Fast Paced Endless Runner, Awesome Sequel (Video)

Run along a different path in the newest iOS game by Backflip Studios, NinJump Rooftops. NinJump goes horizontal in this new NinJump game featuring excellent endless runner gameplay, power-ups, sushi, giant crushing pandas and much more.

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If you are a fan of Endless Runner Games such as NinJump Deluxe HD, among others, then you will love this game. NinJump Rooftops takes the original vertical running “Ninja” character and sends him in a new horizontal direction.

Instead of running up walls, he runs along rooftops. As you become the “Ninja” you will have to use your best skills to survive: jump to live, spin attack through enemies, avoid fires and other perilous situations to see how far you can get.

NinJump Rooftops is a fun to play iOS Universal free app that is well worth the download.

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