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No Non-Sense Hack and Slash Game..1 Finger Fighting!

Get ready to “hack and slash” your way through level game play with just your fingers using several different and unlikely heroes. Heroes and Zombies: Hack And Slash Action RPG gets rid of the D-pad and puts all of the action at your finger tips literally as you fight your way through the various game modes. This game delivers 5 different game modes in 4 different game packs. With the D-pad gone, you simply use your finger to tap your way through the many imposing and different zombie enemies landing combo after combo to increase your score, complete missions, and level up. There are 5 areas to upgrade your character and both passive and active skills to upgrade making your character even more damaging. The game features pretty good 2D graphics and the gameplay is — well, frantic.

iphone video app demosiphone video app demos

You will find that the early missions are pretty easy, but once you get to the first combo mode you may find it a bit more difficult than the other game modes. I have been stuck on this timed level where you need to land 44 consecutive combos to advance. Other game modes include Escort, where you protect an egg from the nasty zombies, Kill Count — speaks for itself, and other modes that make this game an interesting little find. The user interface could be a bit prettier when in the character screens, but the action is fast, furious, and allows for some intense tapping good times. Another nice feature that this game has is the very reasonable in app purchase revenue model. You get a decent amount of in app currency for $0.99 of either gems or coins to upgrade your character, but you can also earn this through gameplay. Heroes and Zombies: Hack And Slash Action RPG provides a uniquely different hack and slash game that is fresh and D-pad free. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a walk through of this game. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Heroes and Zombies: Hack And Slash Action RPG iPhone App Details

Title: Heroes and Zombies Hack And Slash Action RPG
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 18.3 MB
Developer: ch.lee
Store: iTunes App Store

Heroes and Zombies: Hack And Slash Action RPG iPhone App Download Link

Heroes And Zombies: Hack and Slash Action RPG - ChangHun Lee

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Heroes and Zombies: Hack And Slash Action RPG iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

-New Heroes Items add

‘Heroes and Zombies’ will be the newest trend in Action RPG.

You no-longer need “annoying” D-Pads. Tap tap away to attack!

It`s carefully designed to give you the best attacking sensations ever! Superb controls combined with special effects will absorb you right into the game.

Need I explain more?

-There are five kinds of stats.
Strength(Str) – Damage,Defense,Speed
Dexterity(Dex) – Speed,Critical,Recover
Constitution(Con) – Defense,HP,HPRecover
Wisdom(Wiz) – Critical,Recover,HPRecover,MpRecover
Intelligence(Int) -MP,MPRecover,SkillDamage

-The heroes have 12 Skills.(6 ActiveSkill ,6 PassiveSkill)

1.JangPung – oneside Attack.(use MP)
2.Explosion – all direction Attack.(use MP)
3.FireFist – oneside Attack.Ultra Demage.(use MP)
4.Teleport – teleport.(use MP)
5.RecallPig – recall. attack and Defense.(use MP)
6.Phantom – Strong attack.(use Hp)


DMG+ ,SkillDMG+,HP+,MP+,PigDMG+,Critical+

Upgrade to in game coin.

-Zombie Type-
1. DefenseZombie
2. AttackerZombie
3. RangerZombie
4. BombZombie
Zombie evolves according of hero growth.

-Quest of the universal RPG game 5 types.

1.Kill Count
4.ComboHit Count
5.Death Match

Mission is to get the bonus upon completion.(bonuse-coin,stat)
What’s new
-Sound Volume Bug Fixes

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