Noa & Ladybird – Charming Book About Compassion and Friendship

Noa & Ladybird is a playful and lighthearted story of compassion and friendship. In this iOS Universal Books app, you and your child will meet a happy, carefree little girl named Noa and her new beetle friend, Ladybird. Ladybird has a problem…he has lost his spots! But luckily for him, Noa will help.

Noa & Ladybird iPad Storybook App, App News

Noa & Ladybird features sweet child-like graphics, whimsical music and sounds, and subtle animations on every page. This iPhone and iPad book also gives you the option to read with or without the professional narration, but you won’t want to miss the soothing and warm voice of the male narrator. In addition, this kids’ book can be read in 6 different languages as well (Dutch, English, French, Spanish, German or Chinese). And, when you and your child are done reading this charming book, there are 2 ladybird painting crafts to do at the end.

Noa & Ladybird iPad Kids Books App

Noa & Ladybird App Features

Noa is a little girl. She loves the forest and all of her friends who live there. But one day she hears one of them cry… What is going on? It’s a ladybird. And he has lost his spots. While searching the forest, Noa and Ladybird meet all kinds of animals who want to help them finding the spots. Of course, the reader can help Noa and Ladybird as well.

  • A joyful experience for children between 2-6 years old and their parents
  • Animations and sound effects on every page
  • Whimsical graphics
  • Professional narration
  • Arts & crafts pages
  • Choose your own language: Dutch, English, French, Spanish, German or Chinese
  • Page choice
  • Can be read out loud by you, your child or by actors’ voices
  • A sweet picture book by Somoiso
  • Written and illustrated by Hanneke van der Meer from the Netherlands

Somoiso’s apps apply to the guidelines for children’s apps:

  • no in-app purchases
  • no commercials
  • no social media-links
  • our apps don’t collect personal information

Noa & Ladybird iPad Storybook

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Noa & Ladybird

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