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Storm The Train, Non Stop Action (Video)

Storm the Train (by Chillingo) is a side-scrolling game that features plenty of mayhem where you play as 3 different special agents taking on hoards of Zombies, Whack Robots, and Angry Ninjas all while jumping from train to train. In this side-scrolling action game you play as 3 edgy, but different personality special agents (Graham, Mason, or Carrera). Your mission if you accept it is to board a train and take out zombies, ninjas, robots, and mega bosses. You have some extra gear like a High Profile suit that gives you a 1st layer of protection, Drones that fly along side you providing relief with their specific attack function, health upgrades and guns — not to mention other articles of clothing you can purchase. The extra clothing, while another layer of defense (shield) also lets you make a fashion statement. Your player (even Carrera) will eventually strip down to his or her underwear do to damage taken, but parents not to worry this is PG-rated.

There are 3 themed trains as already mentioned (Zombies,Robots, and Ninjas) all with multiple bosses. There are also upgrades that become unlocked as you collect stars by completing missions or achievements. The in app purchase (IAP) is one of the best for a consumer that I have seen in a long time. This game can totally be played without any purchases, but you will find if you want to go far, you’re going to have to strategize, save your pennies, and get rather good at the spin attack and quick jumping — as well as shooting.

Although a side-scrolling game you can go back left to retrieve items you may have passed. Jumping from trains is a bit cheesy and not very difficult, but once you start to jump you cannot stop. Storm the Train is a very fun, well rounded game with plenty of shooting, a bit of humor, and lots of room for growth. I can easily see more themed trains in upcoming development, like a terrorist train, alien train, police train, and so on. This game works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and if you want to see how it plays watch our Storm The Train iPhone App Video Review.


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