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Noodle Words – Kids’ Eye-Popping Interactive Word Game

Noodle Words – Action Set 1 (by Noodleworks Interactive) is an award-winning interactive learning app that introduces emerging readers to new words in a super fun way, with the help of two playful and animated wordplay buddies, Squish and Stretch. Learning new words is way more enjoyable with this simplistic iPhone game app that introduces the words all on one screen with a simple virtual cardboard box filled with the 18 words that kids will be learning.

The cool thing is, kids don’t have to learn alone because they have the help of two somewhat goofy characters that will engage them for each word introduced, with a different and unique reaction for each word meaning — and maybe something extra, you never know. When your child taps on the box, a new learning word will pop out of the box. The word is completely able to be interacted with by pinching, pulling, tapping on it, and holding your finger on it — you will just have to touch the word to find out how it interacts back. Words such as “stretch” will literally become long and stretched out on the screen, and Stretch and Squish will do an accurate representation action that corresponds with the learning word at hand — creating a memorable learning experience.

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There is an introduction that occurs when the application is initially opened to tell the user how the application works, and a learning word example is selected, such as “spin,” at which point Stretch spins around wildly bringing the meaning of the word to life. Holding on the word “spin” causes it to spin around and if you hold it long enough the word “spinning” appears to reinforce the action that is literally occurring. Another feature that is super fun for kids is when they rapidly tap on the box, the 18 learning words will pop madly out of the box complete with the word pronunciation, that is until the child lets go — the word chaos is very entertaining; it’s easy to see why kids like it. There are only a few navigation buttons on the home page and one is the All button, which reveals each of the 18 learning words of which your child can tap on to hear the word, as well as turn it blue. Once this button is selected your child will need to choose “Go” to return to the main learning mode. There is also a menu option, which when selected provides tips for parents on how to use this application, as well as other stuff. Noodle Words- Action Set 1 is an engagingly-fun word learning application for kids — I’m actually looking forward to Noodle Words – Action Set 2 for even more eye-popping word interactions. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike


Noodle Words – Action Set 1 iPhone App Details

Title: Noodle Words – Action Set 1
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 84.8 MB
Developer: NoodleWorks
Store: iTunes App Store

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Noodle Words - Action Set 1 - NoodleWorks

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Noodle Words – Action Set 1 iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
★ Winner of the 2012 KAPi Award for Best Educational Product
★ Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award, with 4.7/5

“A charming educational app for iPad that is sure to put a smile on the face of users no matter the age, as well as teach the meaning of action works in ways most delightful” –

This app has been a great hit with every child who has tried it. Don’t miss the perfect toy for your child, your grandchild, or your niece or nephew! It’s a great way for kids of all ages to play with words, giggle, have fun, laugh and dance. And while they’re at it, you’re kids will probably learn some new words!

Developed by award winning children’s designer Mark Schlichting, creator of the best selling Living Books series of interactive children’s books, Noodle Words is the first in a series of animated Word Toys, Noodle Words encourages emerging readers ages 4-7 to discover word meanings like they never have before.

Through interactive play, our set of 18 active words come to life as the Noodle Bugs demonstrate word meanings with their highly animated antics. Young readers can interact with the words or the cute bugs using the iPad’s touch screen. They literally play with the words to make SPIN spin and JUMP jump.

✰ “My preschool students love this app.”

✰ “My four year old daughter makes a point of showing me each word.”

✰ “Noodle Words is one of our favorite apps ever!” — KinderTown

✰ “Noodle Words is a very interactive word recognition game, and a great game for young readers.” — Famigo

✰ “This is a terrific app for teaching children the meaning of words.” — The iPhone Mom

✰ “I think Noodle Words a new classic; a breakthrough like Dr. Seuss’s books, but in a sillier than ever, touchable medium.” — Ann H. McCormick, PhD, Founder, The Learning Company

✰ “This is such a fantastic app for my profoundly autistic teenage daughter. It is perfect. All I wish is for there to be hundreds more words! Thank you for all the work that must have gone into this app.” — a satisfied Mom

• Word Toy, with 18 playful words
• Expressive Words
• Invites Play
• Word Learning
• Highly Animated
• Dynamic Interaction
• Appealing Animated Characters
• Simple and Elegant
• Rich Multi-Touch Interface
• Tips for Parents
• Innovative Tutorial
• Designed in Partnership with Children

Not all children learn to read the same way. Exposure, repetition, and context all help build relationships to vocabulary and understanding. Noodle Words is a word toy designed to offer emerging readers a playful modality for language acquisition and word comprehension. Kids of all ages can explore at their own pace, and develop a love of word play through direct interaction. It’s even designed to draw-in the most hesitant early reader.

Noodle Words is a wonderful app to play with your children. Some kids love to show off what they can do, and others love to laugh with you when the Noodle Bugs do something silly. We hope playing together with your children brings you the same joy we had while making this app.


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