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Wedding Snake (by Zibumi Games) is a snake-style wedding-dance arcade game featuring 40 levels of fun dancing gameplay through 4 game packs, with the objective to add various guests and objects to your dance line to give you power ups and bonus points, but avoid the bad obstacles that will hinder your growing snake line. The background story to this game (and what you will see when you first open the app) is an animation about a young man who wants to dance, but is forbidden to dance by his father. This guy won’t be held back though, the young man sets out on his own to “hayla” to his heart’s content — which is a historical dance typically performed at weddings.

Wedding Snake iPhone app reviewWedding Snake iPhone app review

This is where the dancing fun begins in Wedding Snake. Like most snake arcade games you are to grow your snake by adding to it, in this case, the wedding party guests. Your goal is to grow your snake as large as the level objective is and before time runs out. There are objects and guests that help you and some guest that don’t, like the drunk guest who immediately causes a person to fall off your dance line. Wedding Snake is a highly creative take on the same old boring snake game and also provides some pretty catchy music during the gameplay. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Wedding Snake iPhone App Details

Title: Wedding Snake
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 16.7 MB
Developer: Zibumi Games
Store: iTunes App Store

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Wedding Snake - Zibumi Games

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Wedding Snake iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
It’s a snake game like you’ve never seen before!
Wedding Snake is the second arcade game of Zibumi for iOS, and it is a challenging snake game with bonus guests to collect, drunk guests to avoid and 40 wedding dances to compete!

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