Now One Gets Hurt In This Carnival Game – Rubber Knife Throw

Join the carnival and become that sideshow performer you have longed to be with Rubber Knife Throw. Rubber Knife Throw by NANEV is a very nice FREE iPhone game where you are challenged to throw knives albeit rubber knives at balloons surrounding a willing assistant, your choice, attractive female or dude in leather pants. The game seems simple enough using an almost sniper like single touch control with a second touch throw method that really makes this game cool. There are 2 different game modes classic and force, the main difference is in force you can manipulate the knife while in flight. Don’t worry no one gets hurt in this iPhone arcade game as the knives are rubber, but you may get a little dizzy while trying to hit the balloons on the spinning wheel and not your assistant. For more FREE iPhone app reviews click here FREE.CM

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Rubber Knife Throw iPhone/iPod Touch App Details

Title: Rubber Knife Throw
Price: FREE
Size: 19.3 MB
Category: Games
Developer: NANEV
Store: iTunes App Store

Rubber Knife Throw iPhone/iPod Touch App Download Link

Rubber Knife Throw - NANEV Ltd.

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Rubber Knife Throw iPhone/iPod Touch App Developers Description

Check your force with safe rubber knives!

Great way to compete with your friends and find out which one of you has the force stronger. If you wish to play for score, just know there will always be possibility for higher record, because the game has unlimited rounds. This game will challenge your accuracy, intellect, observation and even your critical strategic thinking.

Precise control interface, easy to use, with versatile accuracy

Guaranteed long lasting fun! There are many ways to play this game.
Play for score, play to show who is faster, play to get achievements which require you to invent different strategies.

Three levels of difficulty.
Two modes:
1. Classic mode – game of prediction
2. Force mode – you can use the force to change the direction of the knife while flying

Adrenaline – raises your adrenaline, everything will go in slow motion, you can aim easier, but keep in mind your energy may quickly get wasted

Integrated Open Feint – The Social Gaming Network

Your great scores and achievements are uploaded, so you can show and prove anyone you want that you are the new sherif in town!
Also: twitter, Facebook export

12 fun achievements

Four score boards:
– classic mode
– force mode
– speedy 10k

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