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Odyssey: Alone against the whole space – Free 2D Shooter!

Odyssey: Alone against the whole space (by Anix LLC) lets you blast your way through several galaxies in this classic 2D arcade shooter game where you will kill aliens, face off against intense bosses and level up using 1 of 3 upgradeable ships. Like most FREE iPhone Games app, this one comes with slightly intrusive advertisements (placed at the bottom of the screen), but what you get for FREE is 1 ship and load of gameplay that you can play over and over again — so, the trade off is on the upside. In fact, I played through numerous games and earned enough iridium (this game’s in app currency), which comes from dead enemies, to allow me to upgrade my ship and purchase a very helpful additional weapon.

There are 2 other ships that you can unlock with earned iridium and upgrades can be made to your ship in several areas like speed, armor, etc. Your objective in Odyssey: Alone against the whole space is to use the virtual joystick and attack button to fly through space blowing up a variety of, and at times elusive and difficult to kill enemies. You have numerous weapon slots to load up your firepower, but it takes a bit of skill to move your fingers fast enough to change from one weapon to another. Your main gun can be toggled to auto fire, which allows you to concentrate on flying your ship in between the onslaught of enemies and their endless barrage of bullets. The add on weapons all require ammo refills, but it is sold at flea-market-rate prices. You can get rid of ads in the Options area for $0.99, and you can also buy iridium if you want to upgrade your ship faster or get 1 of the 2 other ships, but you can play this game absolutely FREE if you don’t mind the ad interruptions.

I found the bottom ads to be a bit of a pain, and I actually hit on the ads accidentally taking me out of the app a couple of times, that is before I discovered that the fire button can be toggled on to auto fire, which I feel is a very good move by the developer to compensate for the ads. Look, developers spend a bunch of time and hard work to create apps, and ads help them to make a few bucks a day for that hard work, so the ads are not really a big deal, especially for what you get from this game. And, there are a few ways to score free iridium: by liking their Facebook Fan Page, Following them on Twitter, and also through some Tapjoy opportunities. Lastly, this game’s graphics are quite nice, especially for a free game. Odyssey: Alone against the whole space is a fun, action packed 2D shooter that will force you to upgrade to level up and to move on into deeper places in space. Be sure to watch the Odyssey: Alone against the whole space iPhone App Video Demo for a complete look at this FREE iPhone Games application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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Odyssey: Alone against the whole space - Anix LLC

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