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OMG Texting Dictionary iPhone App | Text Lingo “Keys to the Kingdom”

This app has been removed from the iTunes App Store.

Writer Shawn Edington of the hip texting book “Read Between The Lines” has come out with an iPhone app texting dictionary to enlighten those that need “text” education, which accentuates her book. As a 40 something Father of 3 teenage daughters I know a little something about texting. I know that we now have an “unlimited” texting plan because of a few overages (ouch). I also know texting is another language and I am really, really, slow inputing texts into a cell phone compared to my kids and the younger generation of “text heads.” (Jimmy Buffett analogy). OMG! Text Dictionary is packed with the latest “texting” lingo to help keep you in the know when it comes to “BFF” – Best Friends Forever, “OMG” – Oh My God, “LMAO” – Laugh My Ass Off, and the many other “tesxting” acronyms.

The app is very easy to use. Upon opening the app you are presented with a page of the “texting” dictionary. You can choose a acronym or symbols for the definition and also you may share this information on Twitter, Facebook, or through email. If you do not see the acronym you are looking for just scroll to the top of the screen and you will see the familiar “search” box. Enter in any “text” word, acronym, or symbol you would like a definition for and it will be provided. There are 1000’s of text abbreviations to search for and learn.

OMG Texting Dictionary is an easy to use “text” lingo iPhone app. The user interface is simple, not overly fancy and the pink/black color scheme is easy on the eyes. The app responds quickly and has nice social networking share capabilities. OMG! Texting Dictionary costs $0.99 and receives 3 CrazyMikes Head’s for awesome text public service app.

Cost: $0.99

Category: Social Networking

Developer: PressKit Mobile

OMG! Texting Dictionary iPhone app review OMG Texting Dictionary iPhone app review

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