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OneKey Pro – The App That Keeps Your Passwords, Data and More Secure!

OneKey Pro is an iPhone and iPad Productivity app that keeps your passwords, web logins, usernames, and other data safe and secure using 256 bit encryption. OneKey Pro features a friendly user interface, the ability to store your most important data in the palm of your hand, and has cloud sync with services like DropBox as well as a website backup/restore option.

iPhone App Review for Onkey Pro Password Manager App

Most good iOS password manager apps are fairly expensive with some requiring additional PC or Mac software for syncing. OneKey Pro is not only less expensive than many similar iTunes App Store password manager apps, but it also works just as well. However, you will still have to enter your data in manually.

OneKey Pro App Overview

The OneKey Pro app has 14 pre-designed input templates for things like Clothes Size, Web Login, Bank Account, ID Card, Notes, Credit Cards, Drivers License, and more. As already mentioned, all your data is securely encrypted using 256 bit encryption with a master password you create. The data templates are simple to complete – you just need to add the information. You’ll find that templates have relevant input fields, which can be edited and/or deleted.

For more customization, there is also an option to create your own templates in the settings area. You can group your password templates, favorite them and include a note in each one if you want. For ease of use, the developer has also included a couple of “hot navigation buttons.” One allows you to arrange the home screen with all, your favorite, or select categories of information. The other is for a built-in web browser you can access from the app home screen, which is pretty handy.

iPhone App Review for the OneKey Pro Password Manager App

OneKey Pro has 2 sync options to backup and restore your data. You can either use Dropbox or your computer, and the included web server address in the Backup & Restore area of the app settings to sync all your data. And it wouldn’t be a good password manager app without some safeguards like additional settings for limiting the number of attempts with the wrong password and additional auto lock settings.

My Take On This Password Manager App

OneKey Pro is a nice alternative to the more expensive iOS password manager apps. But it does not have all the “spit & polish” that many of the high-end password manager apps have. However, this app is perfect for most people who want to keep all their secret information inside an app. This mobile app is a simple app that makes inputting your data easy, but it is still a manual process that must be done on a smallish keyboard – unlike 1Password, a high-end iOS password manager app, that has companion software for the Mac and PC to enter your data in faster from a full-size keyboard. Another thing to point out is that the 1Password app costs $17.99 and the companion software costs $49.99. So to save time and convenience it will cost you.

OneKey also has sufficient ways to export your secret data, so you can ensure a secure restore of your coveted information if your iOS device gets lost or stolen. And if you do lose your device or it does get stolen, you can be fairly sure that no one will be able to get your data with the data encryption level of this app. But you should use the “Find My iPhone” iCloud functionality so that you can wipe your iOS device if necessary.

OneKey Pro iPhone Password Manager App

OneKey Pro App Features

– Secure storage for passwords, usernames, PINs, credit cards and bank info.
– Strong 256bit AES encryption.
– Time-out locks to protect the app from prying eyes.
– Optional auto-lock protects your passwords from hackers.
– Backup and restore data via Wi-Fi and Dropbox at anytime.

Easy To Use:
– Standard templates for fast data entry.
– Customize categories and all the details.
– Mark any records as Favorite for quick access.
– Provides search and sort to manage your records.
– No limitation on the number of records.
– Clean and nice interface.

If you are looking for a decent iOS password manager app, OneKey Pro is a good solution for keeping data secure on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can download a copy of this app below using the iTunes App Store download link.

Download The OneKey Pro – Secure Password Manager & Private Data Vault to Lock Your Secrets Safe App Now!

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Developer: Appxy
iOS Universal Productivity app, Cost: $4.99, v 2.1
OneKey Pro - Secure Password Manager & Private Data Vault to Lock Your Secrets Safe
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 03/11/2014
Simple-to-use iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch password manager app!
4 / 5 stars

About The Developer

Developer, Appxy, develops iOS Business, Finance and Productivity apps. The developer is located in Shanghai, China.

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