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oneSafe is an iOS Universal Productivity app that allows you to safely store and protect your most important information. This password manager app features 100+ templates, AES 256 encryption, iCloud sync and more. These days most of us have a load of passwords we want to keep secret. oneSafe is a useful, easy to use app to accomplish this task. oneSafe combines a serious amount of security along with a very friendly user interface for easy data entry.

This security app features 3 types of passwords (numerical pin, letter password, draw pattern) and double passwords for sections of your choice. There are pre-populated categories for Secure Wallet, Computer, Work, Documents, Double Lock, and a large number of pre-designed entry templates ranging from Apple ID to E-Tickets and numerous generic templates in between.

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oneSafe iOS Password Manager App Screenshots


All passwords and data behind AES 256 encryption. This password manager app also features auto lock, password hints, and a wide variety of advanced security. One feature, the dummy password feature lets you set self destruction if the password is entered incorrectly 3 times. The dummy mode wipes all app information, so be cautious using this security feature. There are syncing options using WiFi and iTunes to import and export your data, iCloud syncing to have all your oneSafe data across all your devices.

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oneSafe iOS Password Manager App Screenshots


I did not read any instructions and had no problem figuring out how to use this app. There are multiple data views (card view, list view, full screen view) and everything can be edited, or shared easily. A favorite feature of mine is the 1 tap login to many websites like Twitter, Facebook through the in app browser.

oneSafe is a very feature rich password manager, secure wallet, and more. With the oneSafe app, you can basically ditch your wallet and use your iPhone only, which looks to be the future for most of us.

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oneSafe - Easily Keeps More Than Passwords Secure   target= iTunes iPhone
oneSafe - Easily Keeps More Than Passwords Secure   target= iTunes iPad

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  1. mjdallas says:

    I have this app and I must say It is one of my most used apps. I love it! I have more than just passwords in it also I have my health insurance cards, membership cards, and general information (like auto vehicle information – VIN numbers – license plates, Software license keys)

    It really is one of the best and most functional apps I own. Well worth the money.