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HOMERUN BATTLE 2, Online Gameplay Has Never Been Faster! NOW FREE!

Calling all virtual sluggers, both male and female, up to bat in the HOMERUN BATTLE 2 Games app. Com2uS Inc. has revamped their original hit game, HOMERUN BATTLE, to introduce us to the follow up HOMERUN BATTLE 2!

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iPhone App Review for HOMERUN BATTLE 2

This Sports Game has 6 new game modes (total): 3 online (duel, survival, and missions) and 3 offline (arcade, burning, and training). That means a bunch of awesome homerun-slugging fun. There are now both male and female player characters. Yes, Com2uS has reached out to you girl gamers with this homerun batting title and rightfully so. As a matter of fact, I got totally crushed by some girl while playing duel game mode. I lasted maybe 4 pitches and she won.

This game also features lots of custom characterization through clothing packages and items that you can buy with gold balls won through gameplay or purchased through in-app purchase. I’m also a big fan of all the specialized power-ups that come as both good and bad additions to the gameplay. The one I’m thinking of now is the volcano ball that you put on your opponents. This is where everything shakes while the ball is pitched, which makes the ball much harder to hit.

HOMERUN BATTLE 2 iPhone App Review

There is also the Power Bat and other batting power-ups that will increase your likelihood of hitting a homerun.

HOMERUN BATTLE 2 is well worth the $4.99 price. This multiplayer Homerun Derby game does not disappoint. You can download this mobile app for your iPhone, iPad or Android using the app store links below.

Developer’s App Description

Make it an All-Star Summer with Homerun Battle 2!

The Homerun Battle Series is at its PEAK!
20 Million Sluggers worldwide battling it out in 300 million online match-ups!

Back and better than ever, the beloved real-time worldwide slugger battle has a sequel! Prepare to play the best android baseball smashin’ game against sluggers worldwide.

This game supports English, 日本語, 中文 and 한국어


TouchArcade: “Homerun Battle 2 has all the elements that made the original such a hit and more. It’s fun, it’s easy to learn and it’d keep you occupied for a considerable amount of time.”

GameZebo: “Batting cage-like gameplay is a lot of fun. Slick graphics.”

148Apps: “…Everything boils down to see ball, hit ball, watch fireworks go off. On this level the game is very satisfying and in many cases downright addictive.”



Customizable characers
Gender, body structure, skin tone- you choose ‘em all! Add extra stats and skills and accessorize with interesting styles, clothing, and bats.

Choose a stadium
Choose your own stadium: Featuring eye-popping details and fantastic themes to perfect the setting for your grand-slams!

6 Different modes
Duel : 1-on-1 Match-up Battle
Survival : Survival Match-up Item Battle
Mission : Match-up with a maximum of 4 players to Clear Missions
Burning : Never-ending throws burn through the wind, Swing Blast High
Arcade : Challenge on Achievements and New Records
Training : Practice and train to be the all-time Slugger

Powered by social networks
Get social! Enjoy community activities on Com2uS Hub, chat during gameplay and enjoy easy rival-add functions!

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