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ORC: Vengeance-RPG Masterpiece, Forced Cut Scene Fail!

ORC: Vengeance, an iPhone and iPad (iOS Universal) Games app, is for sure a fantastic RPG game that has awesomely detailed graphics, strategy-based fighting controls, powerful skills, personal attributes, and lots of weapons — all of which can be upgraded. Unlike most Chillingo Games apps, ORC: Vengeance (a very well done RPG game) has stunning graphics with the utmost attention to detail — they looked incredible on my iPad 3rd generation. But, while I admit that the graphics are really great, don’t make me watch them for 20 seconds every 1 or 2 minutes of gameplay with forced cut scenes. I realize that Chillingo wants everyone to see their graphics, but nobody wants to be forced to stop hacking and slashing when in the heat of action. Now, onto the good stuff, minus the forced cut scenes, this iPad app is awesome. The gameplay is smooth and (again) graphically amazing.

Although there is a lot of action, the touch attacking controls at first were a little off putting, and with the combination of swipe, circle, and other gestures, the fighting game mode requires a decent bit of strategy — which I found to be well done. This RPG game has plenty of weapons, enemies, and areas to fight your way through, and surprisingly an in depth plot that teases you along the way with books sprinkled throughout the dungeons and dangerous areas that you are battling your way through. Typically, I would not waste time picking up any item in a game that does not have immediate value, but you never know, you may learn something from these books. Besides weapons, armor, and special items, you can upgrade just about everything in this game, and as your ORC War Chief levels up you can increase his attributes to make him more powerful.

The in app earning system for coins is quite reasonable. I have never purchased any coins through in app purchase and have been able to get excellent weapons from weapon drops after killing enemies, as well as from the pawn shop or vendor. My only other small complaint with this game is why not tell me in the iTunes App Store description how much gameplay there is? Why keep this a secret? I hate this sort of thing, as I do not have time to play each and every game all the way through to tell you if this is a bad value, good value, or excellent value based on the amount of gameplay. So, knowing what I know, this is an excellent app. So, my guess as to why it is not in the top 200 in the iTunes App Store (and holding at #90 overall paid in the iTunes iPad App Store) is its $2.99 price. This game would be a top 10 app most likely with a $0.99 price tag, which in my opinion is what it is worth. Be sure to watch the ORC: Vengeance iPad App Video Review for a look at this iPad and iPhone Games application. Check out all of our iPad app reviews. Crazy Mike

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