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Organizer App: Dashboard Pro Gets Things Done

Dashboard Pro is an organizer app for iPhone and is in every sense of the word a real “dashboard” for your iPhone. This organizer app creates shortcuts for phone, text, email, websites, apps, and comes with a load of other really helpful utilities as well. Developer Gabriel Silviu Stefan got it right when he correctly named his slick organizer app. Most apps with other applications inside of them are mediocre or have too many apps inside the app that it gets confusing to find apps. This application provides simple and basic information for Clock, Calendar (today only view), Weather, Calculator, Flashlight, Quotes, and other useful and easily accessible apps. The reason I like this app works is because all apps are customizable in a minimalistic way.



The best functionality of this organizer app is the Launch Center. The Launch Center lets you add hot buttons to your “dashboard” for this app for: calls, email, texts, websites, and apps. Yes, you can actually access other apps on your iPhone from this apps dashboard. The beauty of this is that you can access Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest all from within 1 app, or put all of your news website urls in the Launch Center to browse from in 1 place. When you open the Dashboard Pro organizer app you see all the icons (tiles) for only the utilities or shortcuts you want to use. The dashboard can be customized with different colors, show tile names/don’t show tile names, and other features.

Dashboard Pro is a steal at only $0.99 and is a must have app for “mobile road warriors!”

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