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Our Everyday Lunch for iPad (by IMGNATION Studios) is a great recipe idea application that includes some unique and healthy food ideas, an auto shopping list generator to make getting all the required ingredients super simple, and a timer feature. There are 4 weeks currently included (5 recipes for each week), and a special day (5 recipes as well) that has a little bit more extravagant menu than just the everyday — for special occasions, obviously. The menu items are interesting and a little different, but not so abnormal that they would be considered strange. The developers have also included many common menu items like broccoli, steamed carrots, and white rice in combination with the meals to make the meals appealing to the average person, while not being too vanilla or bland.

Our Everyday Lunch for iPad App Review Our Everyday Lunch for iPad App Review

The auto shopping list generator is very easy, and with a tap of your finger on the green “+” sign in any recipe your shopping list is auto generated. The only issue I have here is that they give you a check box only, with no size or amount of ingredient necessary. It would be great to see added development that would tell users to get 2 sticks of butter, instead of just a checkbox that has the word butter next to it. The only other issue that I have, is that the app seems to be lacking in content, only having 4 weeks of recipes and 1 special day totaling 25 total recipes. I feel there is a lot of growth potential for this app to include other things like cultural categories of food recipes, as well as food types, and ideas for specific holidays. But, to be fair, the user interface on this app is awesome, the recipes are easy to read, and ingredients are easy to figure out — I just want more! While Our Everyday Lunch for iPad is great, I am thinking a better name for this app is Our Everyday Dinner for iPad, as I do not know anyone who cooks like this for lunch. By the way, there is also an Our Everday Lunch for iPhone app that costs $0.99. Watch our iPad video app reviews for a look at more iPad demos and reviews.
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Our Everyday Lunch for iPad App Details

Title: Our Everyday Lunch for iPad
Cost: $1.99
Size: 60.6 MB
Category: Lifestyle
Developer: IMGNATION Studios
Store: iTunes App Store

Our Everyday Lunch for iPad App Download

Our Everyday Lunch for iPad - IMGNATION Studios

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Our Everyday Lunch for iPad App Developer Description

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“Our Everyday Lunch is a great app for those who want to take up cooking, or indeed broaden their palette. So far the recipes on offer are nice and varied, and coupled with a handy shopping list feature and user-friendly interface, it’s well worth the asking price.” 4.5/5 148APPS

Our Everyday Lunch is an App with menus for the whole week, helping to make easy for those who cook.
Each day a new recipe, separated in weeks. Also, you have Special Days with more elaborated recipes.
Some of the other functionalities of Our Everyday Lunch includes:

● Easy access to menus and recipes;
● Shopping list generator;
● Easily send your shopping list by e-mail;
● Recipes bookmark;
● Timer;
● And much more, soon.

What’s new

● Bug Fixes
● Minor Optimizations

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