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Pablo’s Planet HD – A World Without Color?

Your mission while playing this new iPhone game (Pablo’s Planet HD, by Chump Chop) is to help our alien hero defeat the evil Dr. Bleach and bring color back to planet earth through 4 different continent game packs and 31 levels of gameplay while collecting power-ups, weapons and upgrading Pablo’s skills. Pablo is an unlikely hero, but an extremely likable character for sure (complete with big floppy ears), who has come to rescue the world from the clutches of the evil color-stealing, Dr. Bleach. This indie-style casual game has a unique game quality in that each level displays a beautiful picture of a geographic location for whatever continent you are in, but in the beginning of the level, the background is colorless (black/white). As Pablo continues to defend the world by taking out Dr. Bleach’s henchman, the background slowly comes to life with added color, a little more each time an enemy is killed, and once a level is successfully completed, there is an explosion of color revealing a completely restored background image for the country scene Pablo has just recovered.

Pablo's Planet HD iPhone Game App ReviewPablo's Planet HD iPhone Game App Review

As you can imagine, Dr. Bleach is no pushover so that means Pablo needs as much help as he can get, which primarily comes from the orbs emitted by the dead enemies. Pablo also has upgrades such as health, damage, and focus that allow him to inflict more pain on Dr. Bleach and his crew. Lastly, there are power-up weapons like Freeze and Flurry that give Pablo an extra edge when he needs them. This game utilizes the accelerometer to move Pablo during battle with swipes on the enemies to release a bevy of missiles, but don’t be lulled into complacency because there are boss battles at the end of each game pack that are difficult. Pablo needs your help, so climb aboard his friendly spaceship and help him take out the rainbow-color-haired Dr. Bleach before he steals all the world’s color dooming us to a world of gloom. Be sure to watch the video app demonstration below for a complete walk-through of this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Pablo’s Planet HD iPhone App Details

Title: Pablo’s Planet HD
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 74.3 MB
Developer: SmartWave Studios
Store: iTunes App Store

Pablo’s Planet HD iPhone App Download Link

Pablo's Planet HD - SmartWave Studios

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Pablo’s Planet HD iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

*INTRODUCTORY SALE!* Celebrating Pablo’s entry into Apple’s iWorld, you can buy the entire game including all future updates for only $0.99!

“Pablo’s planet is the most fun you can have on an iPhone!” Matt O’Connor

“Hours of fun and just when I thought it had finished, the unlock mode was just hilariously fun!” Concetta Johnson

“Losing is almost as fun as winning, Pablo is so cute!” Daniel Ray

“This game is a winner with both my kids, my wife, my dad AND even our little kitten. It’s as easy to play as Fruit Ninja, with the wildly addictive GameCenter achievements in this completely unique game. Thumbs up guys!” – Brandon Francis

It’s not easy being green… especially in a monochrome world of the dastardly Dr Bleach’s doing!

When Dr. Bleach hatches an evil plan to suck all of the color from planet Earth… it’s up to our alien hero, Pablo to defeat the doctor and restore all the colors of the rainbow to his beloved world.

Easy to pick up and play but maddeningly addictive!

Over 4 continents and 31 eye-popping levels you’ll…
* Blast rockets at Dr Bleach’s evil henchmen in a single SWISH of your finger!
* Experience gorgeous HD visuals when you flush color back into each location…
* Visit beautifully rendered world landmarks and bring them back to life…
* Collect power-ups… new weapons… and unleash secret skills against the enemy…
* Grab your spot on the leaderboard and share your scores with friends…
* … and much, much more!

Do you have what it takes to bring color back to the world?

Find out in gorgeous Technicolor and 3D surround sound!

Pablo… Earth needs YOU!



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