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Pandora App For Android – The Best Internet Radio App For Android!

Pandora App For Android App Review

The Pandora App for Android is by far the #1 free internet radio app for Android users. Access to this free internet radio app brings up the question: Do I still buy music, storing the bulky music files on my Android, and take time to create and manage music playlists? Well, not if you want to save time, money and coveted space on your Android.

Pandora Internet Radio Free App Overview

The free version of this awesome internet radio app lets you create up to 100 of your own customized radio stations. Creating new radio stations is super easy and can be created based on artist, genre, or composer. The Pandora app for Android has a very easy-to-use interface that is extremely simple to navigate.

Pandora Radio Android App


  • Stations.
  • Feed.
  • Profile.
  • Settings
  • “+” button (hot button to add radio stations).
  • Sort (top left represented by 3 dashes).
  • “>” (player button).

With the free Pandora app for Android there are ads, both banner and video that will display frequently. There are also intermittent music interruptions to verify you are still listening, requiring you to interact to keep the music playing. The music player is full featured and even has a “Skip” button that lets you skip to the next song before the one you are listening to is over. The free app gives you limited “Skips” a day while the subscription version gives you many more skips a day. The subscription version of this app also gives you many other beneficial features.

Why Subscribe?

While the Pandora Internet Radio app is awesome for free, there is the option for a very reasonable subscription feature in this app called Pandora One. But why subscribe, i.e. pay money, when I can listen for free?

Subscription Features

  • No ads.
  • Fewer interruptions.
  • Additional song skips daily.
  • Cross platform app.

Pandora For Android App Review

Surprisingly, even Pandora leaves out the last reason to subscribe to the internet music app, which is that the internet radio app is cross platform. If you are a mobile user and work on a laptop or desktop there is an added benefit to getting the subscription. For example, I use a Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as an iPad Air and an iMac, which allows me to listen on all for 1 subscription. The monthly subscription price for Pandora One is $3.99 or you can pay $36 yearly and save around $12.

Pandora App For Android Review

Additional Free Pandora Features

One of the coolest features for created radio stations is that the stations add music from similar artists, genres, or composers for your listening pleasure. And you can easily create a new station with the tap of a finger for any music you are listening too. You can also share songs you are listening to on Facebook, Twitter, bookmark songs, and dismiss a song because you are sick of it, all from the Settings area.

And, recently added to this list of features is simple tap alarm clock functionality allowing you to wake up to your favorite Pandora radio stations with just a few taps of your finger. You can also set a countdown timer to fall asleep while listening to music, another of the many nice features in this app. Whether you use the Pandora app for free or subscribe to Pandora One, you get a whole lot of customizable music in a lightweight Android app that saves you time, money and frees up space on your Android.

I have been listening to the Pandora app for Android for years and have found this internet radio app to be awesome, both the free and subscription versions.

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