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Panicky Angel – Unique, Flying-Action Gameplay

Help the Panicky Angel collect all the wings in this flying action game featuring 2 game modes, 60 levels and 5 zones — but watch out for the many obstacles and monsters that you’ll encounter throughout the gameplay. The storyline for this game unfolds like this: an angel was on an errand and dropped a box of angel wings (drat!), and now has to recover them or the angel is going to be in trouble with the Big Guy! This unique flying game has 5 zones, all of which must be completed before you will be able to unlock the endless gameplay mode. Along with those 5 zones are 3 difficulty levels that will keep you on your toes as you work your way (or fly your way) through to get to the endless mode. You’ll find that your Panicky Angel is outfitted with a pair of wings, which is the angel’s defense, and this item can be increased (as well as skills), which are the number of uses of any set of wings (up to 3 skills can be used a level). Angel wings range from a variety of styles, materials, and type of protection to help your angel through the level gameplay in this significantly challenging forward flying game. During the game you will strategically fly to obtain golden halos/rings while trying to avoid obstacles, monsters, and other things that will damage your angel. You have a certain number of lives or hearts and once those are gone the game is over, but fear not, there are plenty of hearts to be had during the gameplay (you fly into them just like you do the gold rings).

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I found this game to be new and refreshing, with a bit of a different twist — and there are lots of those (twists) to be made, by the way, throughout the game. Level completion in this game is quite challenging early on and there are special levels where you have to turn the moon to day by hitting little pieces of sun that come at you, fight a flying pig, and other stuff to overcome to stay alive as long as you possibly can. If you want to get a feel for this unique, flying-action game, be sure to check out the short video (in the upper left of the home screen) for this app as well as our iPhone video app demo below for a complete walkthrough of this iPhone app. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Panicky Angel iPhone App Details

Title: Panicky Angel
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 30.2 MB
Developer: Digitalfrog
Store: iTunes App Store

Panicky Angel iPhone App Download Link

Panicky Angel - Digitalfrog

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Panicky Angel iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

★ Opening sales Event! ★
Now On Sale!!!
It will be only $0.99 (regularly $1.99)!! Act now before it’s too late!

You might have entered with your will however, you can’t when you exit!
Flying Action-Game Panicky Angel! Simple but time killing!

Unprecedent Genre Game. Panicky Angel is flying+Action game which aims for 1million downloads! No more or No less.
Dodge an obstacles and knock out the enemies coming at you!

■ Help little-angel Rika who’s in TROUBLE!! ■

A little-angel Rika was on an errand~!
Rika couldn’t dodge a bird coming on her and collide with it while she was flying on her way!

Oooops…This ain’t good!

She dropped the box for an errand and the wings inside the box spread all around the world.
Then the angry God threw her out to collect all the wings she lost.
Can our little-angel Rika complishes her mission and return back to heaven~?!

■ Lovely Arcade Game

Adorable characters, smooth graphics, and variety of items!
Now, let’s go travel with little-angel Rika!!

■ Combination of tilting and touching

Move Rika by Tilting, and get rid of the birds coming on to her by touching the screen!
With simple control interface, everyone can enjoy this!

■ Fairy tale-like graphic, lovely voice of little-angel

Fairy tale-like graphic with pastel tone
Precocious sound and effect produced when equipping a wings!
Enjoy the game with adorable little-angel’s voice!

■ Variety of modes and features
Story mode with 60 stages and 5 zones (Grassland/South pole/Zombie city/Sea Island/Sky)
An Endless mode which opens once you complete all 5 zones
Wings and Gems are rewarded when achievements are accomplished.

Maps in Story mode and new wings will be added on every updates!
Neverending Paniky Angel~*

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