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Paris Bargain Eats (by Quartus Technology) is a Travel application that informs you of the best places to eat when in Paris, keeping budget and quality in mind. It also includes some nice extras such as a money converter, photos, videos of restaurants, area maps, and a list of tourist attractions close to your dining destinations. Paris Bargain Eats was created by renowned film producer Kit-Yin Snyder, who happens to have an affinity for Paris and great food. The application is nicely laid out with a very easy-to-understand user interface. There is a tab for restaurants which features 11 Paris arrondissements, which are like neighborhoods. Each has a restaurant(s), as well as local tourist attractions, and a brief description of the arrondissement. The creators of this application actually shot candid HD videos, and took photos of each restaurant explaining the food offerings and pricing of each eatery.

Paris Bargain Eats iPhone Travel App Reviews Paris Bargain Eats iPhone Travel App Reviews

The photos are plentiful, and the videos provide a real feel for each restaurant, as if one is actually there and experiencing the environment as it was captured. All restaurants were handpicked on a 4-part criteria system (included in this application), and you will find that most lunches or dinners cost approximately 15 to 20 Euros — which is around $19 to $25 US, that can easily be figured out with the provided money converter. Another nice feature to this application is that you’ll be able to coordinate eating and attractions easily. If you are traveling to Paris anytime soon, you’ll want to grab Paris Bargain Eats to take the guess work and stress out of trying to figure out where to eat, because the hard work and research for quality and reasonably-priced food has been done for you, and with the extra special tourist touches, your only worry will be whether or not you’ll be there long enough to eat all that great food and do all the things suggested during your Paris holiday. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Paris Bargain Eats iPhone App Details

Title: Paris Bargain Eats
Price: $2.99
Category: Travel
Size: 332.9 MB
Developer: Kit-Yin Snyder/Quartus Technology
Store: iTunes App Store

Paris Bargain Eats iPhone App Download Link

Paris Bargain Eats - Kit-Yin Snyder

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Paris Bargain Eats iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Traveling to Paris? If you want to eat great meals for about 15 Euros per person, in carefully selected fine restaurants, you MUST have this app.

Did you ever hear that Paris has a reputation for being an expensive city to visit? That’s a fact! While you are visiting this great city you don’t want to empty your wallet to have good meal, and you don’t want to eat at the fast food joints either.

This app solves the problem of where to go for lunch or dinner in Paris.

After extensive research, good and reasonably priced restaurants were carefully selected. The restaurant owners were totally unaware that their establishments were being reviewed or added to this app.

While reviewing restaurants for inclusion in this app, our film crew appeared as tourists and shot videos and still photos, so the app user can see what the place is like before deciding on where to dine. In the videos, some menu items are even recommended by the film crew.

This app will take the risk out of finding good places to eat while in Paris. The app lists the restaurants by Arrondissement, so while touring the city you will likely find one of our recommended restaurants not too far away.

For the user’s convenience, a tourism map is included in the app, as well as a Euro/Dollar converter. The app also lists the address, phone numbers and the hours of operation of all restaurants.

Following are some of the features of the Paris Bargain Eats iPhone App

• Fine restaurants for Great Prices of the major Arrondissements that tourists visit in Paris
• List of restaurants by Arrondissement
• Text summary of each Arrondissement with places to visit and things to do
• 25 HD Videos covering these restaurants and food in detail
• 150+ High Resolution Images of restaurants and food
• A brief narrative of each restaurant
• Address and phone numbers of each restaurant
• Hours of operation included for each market
• Map view with drop pin for each restaurant giving the exact location of the market
• Metro Train Information for each restaurant
• A special section to showcase all the restaurants open on the current day for the selected Arrondissement
• Euro – Dollar Convertor
• A Paris Tourism map

This App was conceived by acclaimed film producer and director Kit-Yin Snyder. Ms. Snyder has a love of Paris, Travel, and Food, and this was the inspiration of the App. Ms. Snyder has offices in Paris, Rome and New York City, and previously created the popular iPhone app “Paris Food Markets”.

More information about film director Kit-Yin Snyder can be seen on her website Kit has received numerous awards and international recognition for her work in the film industry.

This App was developed by Connecticut, USA based mobile app development firm Quartus Technology,

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