Parking Meter Pro – No More Parking Tickets or Extended Time Charges

Parking Meter Pro provides a no stress solution to your paid parking dilemma. With this iPhone Utilities app, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of time, getting a parking ticket or paying for extending parking time you don’t need. Parking Meter Pro has got you covered.

Parking Meter Pro iPhone App

Parking Meter Pro comes with a sleek parking meter graphic and a very intuitive user interface that makes it quick and easy to set your designated time, add a photo and/or note, and pinpoint your car’s location on a map. Simply choose from any of the standard parking times provided in the app, from 5 minutes – 8 hours, or set your own designated time limit to start the parking meter countdown. You also have an option to use the ‘No Limit’ timer to count up, keeping you aware of how long you’ve been parked.

This iPhone parking app has additional features that you’ll find helpful. To ensure that you don’t get a parking ticket or get stuck paying for extended time that you don’t need, Parking Meter Pro comes with pre set alert times to notify you before your paid parking time limit expires, as well as a variety of alarm sounds to choose from.

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Parking Meter Pro App Features

  • Gorgeous HD graphics, optimized for iPhone 5 and arguably the best looking and streamlined parking app on the app store.
  • So quick and easy to use, a few seconds then you are off to your appointment.
  • Global settings so you can set your preferred options once and then let it run.
  • Built in alerts that will pop up even with the phone asleep or in another app.
  • Streamlined so that everything happens effortlessly on the same screen.
  • Built in maps and notes all in one place so you can easily find your car again. The map also goes further than other apps but grabbing your position several times and then positioning your pin in the median for better accuracy.
  • Standard time buttons and a keypad for more specific times.
  • The ability to take a quick photo.
  • Super quick load up time for the app so you aren’t waiting around.
  • No crazy stuff you don’t need and no annoying ads.

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