Penguin Eating Aliens….Power Penguins to the Rescue!

Penguins are being harvested by voracious aliens to be consumed as “penguin burgers.” Enter stage right, Power Penguins a quirky, silly, fun game where a select few penguins attempt to save the world from the marauding aliens. Power Penguins is indie in look and feel and has 60 levels of game play spanning the globe with more levels coming. The game is a physics based puzzle game, where players use the “power penguins” to destroy the aliens. While the game has an Angry Birds feel it has it’s own uniqueness that differentiates it from the Rovio mobile behemoths titles. Power Penguins is a silly, almost crazy iOS universal application that is good fun for only $0.99. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. CM

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Power Penguins iPad App Details

Title: Power Penguins
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 143 MB
Developer: Kevin Baker
Store: iTunes App Store

Power Penguins iPad App Download Link

PowerPenguins - Kevin Baker

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Power Penguins iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
100% PURE FUN! Tour the globe fighting against an alien invasion force. Many unique features, such as . . .

PARTICLE EFFECTS – Such as snow, rain, fog, bubbles, thunder and falling leaves.

PLATFORM TYPE GAME MECHANICS – That’s right, there are not only fun ‘knock down the structure’ type levels, but also . . .

*Moving platforms*
*Acid bottles*
*Falling trees*
*Buttons and switches*
*Falling spikes and weights*
*Suspended Chains*
*Rotating and bouncing tyres*

CUT SCENES – Open hilarious cut scenes after completing key levels (watch out for the orange cut scene button). There are on average 2 cut scenes per 10 levels.

VARIED, DYNAMIC BEAUTIFUL BACKGROUNDS – Each background is used a maximum of 3 times only, usually just twice. (Have you ever played multiple level games where the same background is used over and over across many levels? Not this game!)
Backgrounds are also dynamic, with moving clouds, boats, air balloons and machinery.

NO WAITING FOR THE LAST PHYSICS ITEM TO DROP – On many ‘knock down the structure’ type games you can be waiting forever for that last game object to stop moving at the end of a level before the game moves on. Not this game! The game moves on when you’ve eliminated the last remaining alien.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In addition . . .

FREE LEVELS ADDED REGULARLY- Many more free levels and features will be added regularly.

NO ADVERTISEMENTS OR IN-APP PURCHASES – All added levels and features will be free.

NO PRICE RISES – That’s a PROMISE, the price of Power Penguins will never increase, it will remain at this low price forever.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Aliens have invaded Antarctica as it has no government and appears vulnerable. However, they didn’t count on Power Penguins being present. Join the Power Penguins in their efforts to drive the aliens out of Antarctica, then fight them across the globe as they flee from the Power Penguins, hopping from country to country around the world.

Wishing you fun and enjoyment playing Power Penguins!

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