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Pepi Bath – Fun, Personal Hygiene Learning for Young Kids!

Pepi Bath (by Pepi Play) is an iOS Universal Education app geared toward very young children, those in the potty training years specifically. This interactive iPhone and iPad app introduces your child to personal hygiene routines that cover tasks like washing clothes, using the toilet, bathing, and grooming. The application itself is colorful and engaging, has cute graphics, lighthearted and carefree music, and the choice of either a boy or girl character to lead your child through the hygiene activities at hand.

4 Hygiene Activities To Explore in the Pepi Bath App

After selecting a gender, there are 4 large activity-themed icons to choose from: a washing machine, a cup with a toothbrush, a toilet paper roll on a holder, and a rubber ducky floating in a tub of water. Once inside 1 of the 4 areas, your child can tap on the different objects to activate an expected grooming action; these actions are reinforced with affirming responses from the little boy or girl.

For instance, when in the laundry room the Pepi character appears anxious and continues to sigh until your child understands that he or she needs to free the character from the soiled clothing (one piece at a time), and place shoes into the waiting cubby (which opens and closes when the action is completed). Once your child grabs ahold of the washing powder, fills the tray, and presses the green button, the clothes will be clean in no time – but he or she isn’t done just yet because the “boinging” clothesline will alert him or her that it’s now time to hang the clothes to dry. With a “That’s nice,” and a “Well done,” it’s time to move on to the next learning activity.

iPad kids app reviewsiPad kids app reviews

In the bathroom, there appears to be no specific routine order like in the previous laundry room activity. Kids will have fun blowing their little boy or girl’s drippy nose with the tissue provided. Other activities include: turning the hot and cold water handles on and off, soaping up dirty hands – which do take a few tries before completing. I noticed the characters apparently don’t like their faces washed (and they let you know), but when a specific grooming task is done properly each character cheerfully thanks you. The character gives a disapproving response when the scissors are touched (I cringe when I think back to the unfortunate “haircuts” my children have given themselves over the years). Your child will also relish brushing the nasty, yellow teeth until they are sparkling white.

The Potty training area is pretty straightforward and apparently works in more of a sequential order as the little boy or girl sits on the toilet (little foot wagging) just waiting for your child to tap the white dot on the tummy area to activate some rather suggestive facial expressions, gassy responses, a few plops, and a final streaming sound (3 to be exact) before the little Pepi character points you to the next obvious step in the toilet-training process. You know the one I’m talking about, the one most kids don’t like doing themselves — wipe.

We parents are always so proud and happy when our precious little ones relieve us of this dreaded task. The cute toilet paper roll initiates a response by giving several squares (one at a time) to get the job done. The app then prompts children to toss their “used” toilet paper into the trash can instead of the toilet, which I thought was strange because nothing like that goes into the garbage can at my house — hmmm. With a pull on the cord the toilet flushes, a quick spray freshens the air, and all is good again. So it’s time to move on!

The bathtub section was my favorite because it had the most interesting and fun interactions. There are 2 bottles that allow the water color to be changed to either green or purple (when the liquid is poured into the tub), a noise-making/water-spurting rubber ducky, handles to turn on or off the hot/cold water – and funny responses when the water temperature isn’t quite right. Your kids will love playing with the overhead shower sprayer and sudsing up hair to be washed, as well as popping endless bubbles.

Overall Thoughts of Pepi Bath

The developers did a nice job of introducing young kids to personal hygiene in their app presentation overall, but I think to make it even better, I’d like to see the characters’ movements less controlled and a little more natural. However, this limited movement could be to help focus young children in on the specific task at hand. And another thing, most kids hate to wash their faces, so we parents need all the help we can get to encourage our kids to do this, since it is an important part of personal hygiene. Perhaps an initial resistance and then an agreeing response would be better – and more believable . Other than these tiny points, it’s an easy-to-use, cute, fun, and very helpful application to encourage the little ones – and all the parents out there going through the trials of the potty training years.

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Title: Pepi Bath
Cost: $1.99
Size: 19.7 MB
Category: Education
Developer: Pepi Play
Store: iTunes App Store

Pepi Bath iPad App Download

Pepi Bath - Pepi Play

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Pepi Bath iPad App Developer Description

iOS Universal

★ FWA Mobile Of The Day (MOTD) Award –
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“Design is beautiful with bright colours and cute characters that will engage and seduce all young kids” –

“A fantastic ‘tidy-up’, self-care, app that will make those day-by-day duties real fun, at least on the app. Really easy to use, with cute illustrations and nice sound feedback. Certainly a keeper.” –

“Amazing for children with disabilities, specially with autism” –

“PEPI BATH would be a great way to introduce your kid to the concept of toilet training. It is yet another beautifully designed and easy-to-use app for kids” –


I know it never happened to you! PEPI’s hands are dirty, her hair stands up and there are grass stems and leaves between her teeth. Should PEPI clean herself? Why is she frowning? Have you soaped her nose by accident? Try popping soap bubbles, or maybe help PEPI wash her clothes. And do not forget to hang them out to dry. Here is much to do!

PEPI BATH is a role-play game where children learn about hygiene in a fun way.

The app has 4 parts as different situations in which this cute character PEPI – a boy or a girl to choose – appears: at the sink, washing clothes, going to a toilet and taking a bath.

PEPI BATH can be played both as a set process of cleaning or without any pre-set sequence, where the player is free to choose what they do.

In PEPI BATH cleaning is fun. Besides washing PEPI’s hands or brushing teeth kid can pop soap bubbles or play with colorful sprayers, funny duck or many other. The game is full of similar mini tasks and small surprises.

PEPI characters respond interactively and express their emotions. Even objects in PEPI BATH are like little characters.



Recommended ages: 2-6

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